I’m pleased to be one of the authors who have collaborated on a new book Ready to Rise.

How are you coping during lockdown?  I have been asking on my facebook groups what silver linings people have found and there are a few…people have managed to work online, change the way they do things, focus on  finishing projects.  Some of the members of The Sober Club have found that they are able to rekindle passions, learn a language, start a vegatable garden, its quite inspiring!

But there is no doubt some people are feeling frustrated,  frazzled, and stuck.  As I have said from the beginning of all of this, its critical to focus on being kind to yourself and getting the support you need.

I’ve found surrounding myself with like minded people helps a lot.  We can’t physically meet up, but its great to hear different perspectives.. I’ve teamed up with over 50 coaches, experts, and thought leaders to create a wonderful book for you: ‘Ready to Rise 62 Ways You and Your Business Can Thrive and Grow in Challenging Times’.

Created for small business owners, coaches & consultants (but really for us all), Ready To Rise shares insights, encouragement and practical strategies to help you emerge stronger than before. My contribution offers some tips around self-care but there are a whole host of business hacks and lifestyle tips too.

For a limited time you can grab your copy at Amazon with 70% off!  The woman who has pulled it all together for us in a staggering 3 weeks Helen Vandenburghe is also ensuring that that all the profits from this book are going to world-leading organisations helping to fight the global pandemic.

Are you Ready to Rise?

So grab a copy on Amazon (and it’s free on kindle unlimited)  Please do leave us a review.

I’d love to hear about your ‘silver linings’  What aspects of this whole experience will you carry forward when your work life returns to ‘normal’?  I will hang on to my daily routine of walking in nature, its been critical for me.  Big note to myself for the future, however busy you are, you can take fifteen or twenty minutes to get out into nature, ground yourself and breathe!