Recoverlution is the world’s first recovery platform – a hub dedicated to content, community and wellness. Founded by addicts for addicts, Recoverlution’s goal is to shine a light on the positive and transformative power of recovery, and how it can change lives for good. This not only means helping the world to understand what recovery is but also getting more people into recovery sooner and helping them stay there longer. 

With a growing team of 30+ across the UK, Denmark, US and India, Recoverlution has created unique and premium content and aggregated a suite of best-in-class wellness services and tools, providing a safe and secure space for recovering addicts to engage with peers, professionals and support groups. 



Recoverlution is driven by best-in-class technology and is an all-in-one platform with multiple touchpoints for individuals’ personal recovery journeys. As well as facilitation of recovery group meetings housed on the platform via Zoom, Recoverlution’s home for recovering addicts also offers free access to its knowledge library, while subscribers can also take live classes and access on-demand support from professionals via its Wellness hub. 




Recoverlution’s Knowledge library is packed with unique and embracing content. Whatever their interests, members can arm themselves with the facts of addiction and learn about evidence-based solutions – meaning endless internet searches for answers are a thing of the past. 


Connection with others is so important during the recovery journey, and Revolution Connect enables members to do so safely and securely within the platform. With its built-for-purpose video conferencing application, members can host and attend recovery groups and meetings without the need for phone numbers – just their profile name.  



Founder of Recoverlution Daniel Fincham was a recovering alcoholic in July 2020, with a determination to fill a significant gap in the recovery market. Finding that the services available for recovering addicts were disjointed, hard to access and often expensive, Daniel created Recoverlution platform to provide on-demand support for people in recovery in the long-term – not just at crisis points. Prior to starting Recoverlution, Daniel was Vice President at Zmags, a software-as-a-service digital experience platform and has put this expertise to use by turning Recoverlution into a blog, then a website, and now a platform dedicated to content, community and wellness for recovering addicts across the world.