Coming up to spring is the time we put pressure on ourselves to lose weight, exercise more, eat less, perfect our beauty regime and all the rest of it. The key to changing or improving any habit is always about taking daily actions in line with our goal.

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Life coach Cat Raincock uses progressive hypnotherapy to re-programme thought patterns and get to the root of beliefs, then change habits of thought and action. She suggests stating our resolutions – ‘I’ll take better care of myself and improve my beauty regime’ – and take baby steps that build up every day. Sometimes we need a bit of help!

I also think it’s important to remember to choose happiness. It sounds way too simplistic, but the happier we look, the more attractive we are. Of course there are some wonderful natural and healthy products to help us on our way, too! Here are my top picks:

Soak and regenerate


Soak away the winter blues with a relaxing bath using Westlab Detoxifying Himalayan Salt (£5.99, 1kg). Westlab sources the highest quality Himalayan salt crystals, which are naturally cleansing and rich in essential skin minerals. The pretty pink crystals have been around for millions of years and contain an impressive 84 different minerals, including magnesium, for smooth, radiant, healthy skin.

Clear away tension


Give yourself an energising facial massage using the unique jade ‘massage tool’, the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool (£29.17). It increases circulation, stimulates collagen and relaxes facial muscles, clearing tension from the face to refresh your mental state and reveal your radiant complexion. Just one minute, using a little facial oil, works a treat; you’ll see instant results and long-term benefits.

Healing oils


The gorgeous Silvan Skincare Soothe Face Oil (£16, 50ml) is rich in healing botanical oils to ease symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, leaving the skin smooth, soft and moisturised. Organic evening primrose, hemp, jojoba and kiwi, plus chamomile, neroli, and everlasting flower, calm, soothe and nourish sensitive skin.

Add some shimmer!


Apply a slick of the fabulous Weleda Tinted Lip Balm – available in Nude, Rose and Berry Red (all £6.95, 10ml) – for a hint of gloss and subtle shimmer. Then you’re ready to smile! Remember, as Thich Nhat Hanh said, ‘Because of your smile you make life more beautiful’.

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