My Verdict… “I love this fabulous range of healthy snacks. The Berry Burst is an absolute winner!”


Zoot – an exiting new company specialising in healthy snack bars.

Fed up with not being able to practice safe snacking for themselves or their family, the founders of Zoot decided enough was enough and decided to launch their own.  Zootfoods was born!
The Zootfoods mission is to ensure that everyone who snacks can do so in a healthy way that suits their lifestyle.
Over 77% of people snack between meals and 54% of those feel there just isn’t enough choice of flavours.

Janey-Loves-BadgeZootfoods will change that!
ZooT bars will help you control your intake of fats, sugar and calories.
ZooT bars can be your healthy on the go snack and are specifically designed around your life;

  • ZooT BoosT is specifically designed to help boost your energy
  • ZooT EndurO is specifically designed to help maintain your energy
  • ZooT FrooT is specifically designed to help give you 1 of your 5 a day
  • ZooT Zero (coming soon) is specifically designed to help reduce your sugar intake

All ZooT products are packed with premium ingredients, are available in lots of great flavours and above all…they taste ZooTiful!

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