Sarah and Geoff Yates are the creators and producers of Sea Arch Drinks, a delicious distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Inspired by the Devon coast where they live, from the stunning marine blue bottle to the dry, complex and refreshing coastal spirit inside, they use traditional distillation techniques to capture the very best from each of the 11 botanicals for their Coastal Juniper blend which includes sea kelp and samphire, native to the Devon coast, also juniper, blood orange, cardamom and coriander. 




Previous owners of a wine bar in Torquay, Sarah and Geoff found that many customers, like themselves, were increasingly asking for healthier options and although they wanted to socialise in their bar, they didn’t always want to drink alcohol. This gave them the idea of making their own non-alcoholic spirit, so they went on a journey of exploration and experimentation, Geoff using his experience as a chef who was used to working with and combining flavours. It had to be a healthy alternative, so they made sure it was sugar free, sweetener free, allergen free and made with all-natural ingredients. It also had to have a real bite, with layers of complexity, making it both sippable, satisfying and of course really delicious!

The serve is also important, this is where Sarah’s experience comes in, working in her previous life in many high-end bars and restaurants, she always stresses the importance of beautiful presentation. When served as their signature Sea & T, really lovely glassware is essential with good quality ice, a twist of citrus, topped up with a premium tonic and maybe a sprig of fresh samphire or other herb. Sea Arch also works well in various mindful cocktails which can be found on their socials and website.

They have a wonderful Gift Pack option which is a lovely thoughtful gift for Christmas, they have teamed up with Double Dutch Tonics to create a pack of 1 x 25cl bottle of Coastal Juniper plus 2 x 150ml cans Double Dutch skinny tonics which compliment Sea Arch, plus an instruction card all wrapped up in biodegradable cellophane with a gift tag and jute bow, presented in a branded recycled box. A really lovely gift, wonderfully mindful in every way!



Living and playing by the sea they are very aware of the importance of looking after the beautiful natural world that is all around them and so they choose to never use single use plastic in their packaging, which is kept to a minimum, and the bottles are sprayed with lead free paint, packaged with recycled cardboard.




Sarah and Geoff are also very excited about the latest additions to the Sea Arch family, their new ready-to-drink single serve Sea & T in a can! Now a Sea Arch and tonic can be snapped open and enjoyed on-the-go. There are two flavours; Sea & T which is the classic Coastal Juniper blend with a twist, and a lightly sparkling Indian tonic, and Rose Sea & T which is the Coastal Juniper blend with a light raspberry and rose infused tonic. Both are alcohol-free, low calorie, sweetener free allergen free, and are made with all-natural ingredients. All the deliciousness of a G&T without the alcohol, and as their strapline says …it really is…..more beautiful without.


Stockists include: Ocado, Amazon, The Wise Bartender and their own online Sea Arch shop.

Click here to win two Sea Arch gift packs + a case of 12 Sea & T’s worth £68.00!

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