It’s February and we should make it the month of self-love, but how good are we at loving ourselves?  In most cases, we talk about it, try and practice self-care, but we often don’t really love and value ourselves. I invited several experts coaches and authors to share their view on self-love, and scroll down to see your opportunity to take part in a self-love and meditation mash-up challenge at

Jo De Rosa founder and director or Inner Guidance says…

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Our natural state is one of love, for the heart doesn’t actually know how not to love. However, in western society we are taught to self-harm through substances, unhealthy relationships, and jobs that do not light us up.

When there is self-love

There cannot be self-harm 

‘When there is one, there cannot be the other and each moment is an opportunity for either. So, we are choosing every second the outcome that we believe is of most benefit in that moment. This is one of the biggest revolutions the western world is undergoing right now, in my opinion, as we begin to fundamentally change the way we view ourselves. For we have been taught up until this moment in time that ‘loving yourself’ means that you are over-confident, cocky and arrogant. We have been trained to NOT love ourselves and to put everyone else BEFORE ourselves, otherwise we are selfish, apart from when we get on a plane and are told to put the oxygen mask on ourselves FIRST before even the very young.

We have even coined a new term for this; rather than ‘loving yourself’, in the new age, we ‘self-love’.

See what we did? We changed the two words around! Because the connotation of ‘loving yourself’ holds so much negative conditioning, whereas ‘self-love’ means something totally different. We are in a new age for sure, one where we are ALLOWED and encouraged to look after ourselves, where we KNOW that we cannot give from an empty pot, and we have so much MORE to offer when we are fulfilled first ourselves’  Jo De Rosa .



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Self-love is natural and we’re created lovable. Yet most of us have learned not to like ourselves or think that our being loved is conditional on us behaving in prescribed ways. Some of us have even learned to believe that we are sinful are worthy of being hatred rather than being loved. Undoing self-judgement is, in my experience, one of the biggest jobs many of us have to do. Find people who are able to enjoy you for who you are not just what you do for them. Validate to yourself that you are loveable, right now. It’s a process of recovery. Developing the habit of treating yourself more kindly will you lead to liking and even loving yourself.

Nick Williams, author of 18 books



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Self love

I’m here say you are More
More than enough
So damn beautiful and perfect
In your imperfect, flawed way
 ‘I am enough‘
I have it tattooed on my body
I am
You are
We are all works of art
Marvel at yourself
Your soft skin
Your eyes that hold so much
To just love the way you are.
You are a woman
Blessed with a belly.
With cellulite…
Do you ever look at the sea and dislike it for its ripples?
And I feel like crying
When you tell me you don’t like yourself….
Anna xx

jane thurnell

Loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Often the feeling that we are an imposter gets in the way of self-love. We feel that one day soon we will be found out for who we truly are: not a nice person, not a clever person. It’s estimated that 70% of people feel like an imposter at least some of the time. Maya Angelou has written: “I have written 11 books, but each time I think, ‘Uh-oh, they’re going to find [me] out now.” But stop. If you feel you’re an imposter and people don’t know, it means you are very good at one thing – being an imposter. Love yourself for that at least.

Jane Thurnell-Read



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In my healing journey I have discovered self love is intrinsically linked to the inner child. When I first began reading self help books I realised I could not feel or access what it meant to love myself. So I would hear and read that ‘I must love myself before anyone else could love me’ but didn’t know where to start. 25 years later I actually think I have cracked it. Or at least I have felt it. Self love for me has not been automatic and many times I fall back into unloving behaviours and thoughts. However, I now know how to access the love within and get myself back to balance. This I have learnt through meditation and healing. Connecting with my inner child so she feels safe, nurtured, loved, wanted, heard and understood. Sitting with my pain, fears, questions and insecurities and not turning away. Refusing to ignore her and drown her out with external stimuli. Taking a deep dive into the shadows and letting her know she is not alone even when she is scared and lonely. Soothing her with my touch, my voice and my inner sight.
Leah Dixon
Holisitc Health and Wellbeing Consultant





Sometimes when I wake in the morning I say “today is going to be about practicing loving kindness, and it begins with myself!”. There are several ways I do that:

  1. It starts with deciding what to wear, what clothes makes me feel good about myself and most importantly – what clothes are comfortable.
  2. I then drink a glass of warm water and a green tea and delay my breakfast till I really feel ready to eat; this may be as late at 10.30, ideally after my Nia fitness class.
  3. Back home I make a delicious smoothie or juice packed with nutrients and superfoods, to give my body an easy-to-digest immune boosting meal.
  4. As I move through my day I listen to my body, making choices about how I am walking, sitting, getting in and out of the car. I bring awareness to how my body feels, somatic awareness. I ask myself “am I walking too fast, pushing myself, rushing, being unkind?” Then I slow down and adapt what I am doing so that it feels good. Nia has taught me to let the sensation of pleasure be my guide, even with activities as mundane as loading the dishwasher!

Michele Kaye, author of ‘Eat Dance Shine’
Health and Wellness Coach




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Self Love with the Angels

Self love is so important. The Oxford Dictionary definition is the feeling that your own happiness and wishes are important. We all have a guardian angel, and they absolutely love you to look after you, the more you look after your own happiness, health and wellbeing, the easier it is to be kind and loving to others too. It has that positive ricochet effect of a pebble creating ripples on a beautiful calm lake.

The angels tip on how to embrace self love is to make it a daily thing, incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, not something you look forward to once a week or year. Make every day count and create a mini morning routine for you before breakfast.

1: ask your guardian angel to be with you for guidance and positivity, smile

2: Meditate for a minute or two, lie down or sit and close your eyes. Relax and take 10 breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose, as you exhale through your mouth relax.

3: Pick a positive affirmation card and angel card daily, read what it says and then think or write down what it means to you.

To go more in depth on your self-love journey, you can get tips galore in my new book I Talk to Angels, out on the 29th February.


Beverley Densham

Author of I Talk to Angels




Wandering through the wood this morning I spotted a fallen branch from a tree, and it got me thinking about how sometimes we have to drop something in order to be able to thrive. You’ll see this all around us in nature, yet we feel this overwhelming urge to cling on to things just in case it turns around. Perhaps today would be a good a day as any to step back from your life/business for a moment and really look at what you have going on right now. What is not working? It could be something that you reaaaaally want to work, it could be something that you’re ready to release. Either way, have a little explore into how you might feel if you were to walk away from it. To drop it from your life?
Sometimes we have to drop things through necessity; the money isn’t there or it’s not fulfilling us, much as we’d like it to. Sometimes we must drop things because it’s having a serious negative effect on us. Sometimes we have to drop things because it’s time to let them fly on to pastures new. Like a child growing up and flying the nest – its not a negative thing but it requires some self work to be able to release the hold we have on that feeling and step into a more positive sensation. Sometimes we ought to drop things because we’ve simply over-committed.
We’re trying to squeeze absolutely everything and in reality we just don’t have the capacity to do it. Whatever the situation, remember that dropping things can be a massive positive for us. It lightens our load and enables us to reach for new heights. It also allows us to channel our energy into the branches that will enable us to grow. What will you drop from your life or business?

Sophie Jewry

Coaching, speaking & more @


Thoughts on Self-Love




Forget baths, candles and massages. The greatest act of self-care is building a life you don’t want to escape from.

Notice over the coming days the times when you want to check out. What is making you miserable? Your family, job, relationships? Noticing is the first step. If you have habits you lean on when you want to check out – picking up your phone, and scrolling, opening the fridge for chocolate, that kind of thing – when you feel the urge, ask yourself what you’re checking out from.

A life of true self-worth is one where you are honouring yourself on every level, where your actions match up with your heart’s desires…

– love for yourself and your body.

– honouring yourself in your interactions with others, setting boundaries, saying no, and gracefully receiving.

– alignment with your values, purpose and ethics in terms of your behaviour. For this you need clarity about what matters to you, so that your actions can match up. If you care about the planet, what are you doing about it? If you care about politics, what are you doing about it?

What lies waiting for you when your life is run like this? Total self-respect, self-belief, happiness, fulfilment, confidence and clarity of direction. Now that is true self-love.

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Leadership & Health Coach




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