The debate has – not exactly raged, but pottered around for years. Should we ditch shampoo altogether and / or wash our hair much less often?.

It’s called the ‘no poo’ trend and those who support it say that if you over wash your hair you strip it of it’s natural oils.  Celebs and presenters are now in the act with Radio 4’s presenter John Humphrys telling the listeners that he uses only soap and water. Apparently he stopped using shampoo around fifteen years ago when he saw someone who had given it up who had luscious locks.  He admitted that the first few weeks don’t feel the best, but the results kick in.

Gary Barlow also apparently didn’t wash his hair for fourteen years and Andrew Marr announced he was giving it up for environmental reasons.

There is no doubt conventional shampoo is not good for the planet, your wallet or your hair, the trend of daily or every other day washing is a relatively new phenomenon, in fact daily showers were virtually unheard of until the early twentieth century and people certainly didn’t have the concoctions of synthetic chemical products that we deem so necessary today.  Not washing it at all isn’t for me, but I only use natural products now.


Leading organic hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan is a big believer in not washing your hair too often, and definitely not with chemical products.  Tabitha says…’Many people do wash their hair too often, literally washing the life out of it, many shampoos are too strong and literally wash the life out of it, over stimulating the sebaceous glands, creating an over oily scalp.  Invest in the cleanest shampoo you can find and don’t expect it to froth, lather is actually a problem because it over chelates the hair and leaves the cuticles open making it more tangly’

Of course if you are a daily hair washer you will need to reduce it gradually, go for every other day, then twice a week till you get to weekly, yes it feels odd to begin with but the natural oils will kick in.  On the days when you aren’t washing your hair you can of course use a dry shampoo but again, make sure it’s a natural one.

Try the Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo Amber Rose, (smells divine) its soil association accredited with over seventy per cent organic ingredients, no SLS or parabens and a natural preservative system.  There is also the gorgeous scented hair oil and dry shampoo in two shades to refresh your hair between

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Don’t forget your pets too, you should definitely not over wash dogs, but check out the natural pet care products such as the Geranium and Tangerine Dog Shampoo from

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