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Some of you know that in addition to offering media and PR stuff I also run a membership group The Sober Club is for people who have ditched the booze and want to focus on living their best life. I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding work I do, AND it’s all online so continues to work, even in uncertain times. I learnt from the best about running a membership site. In fact I am eternally grateful for Stu Mclaren’s insight into how to really provide awesome content and create a supportive community of people.

Stu Mclaren is an absolute legend and he is offering an awesome FREE live training from tonight April 21st 2022 called “Turn What You Already Know, Love, and Do Into A Profitable Membership.”

How do you generate money when the perception is focused on fear and anxiety, and thousands of business owners are closing their doors? Stu will point you in the direction.

Register HERE – it’s free

Now more than ever, millions of people are looking online for educational resources, entertainment, and new outlets to keep their morale high. And not only that, people are craving connection. A membership is the safest place where like-minded people can connect on a much deeper level. (That’s definitely what I have found with The Sober Club.)



If you are an author, a speaker, a teacheror even if you work as an artist, musician, crafts, this training is for you. Maybe you are into organic skincare or massage therapy, whatever you do Stu will show you how you can take your knowledge and expertise online and create a membership that is incredibly fulfilling. I work with lots of therapists and practitioners and the big frustration for many of you is that there is only one of you! You can’t ‘clone’ yourself! Creating a membership site means that you can share your expertise with an infinite number of people anywhere in the world for a very low cost. You can to share your message and really shine.

In this exclusive limited-time training “Turn What You Already Know, Love, and Do Into A Profitable Membership” Stu is going to show you the critical first step to take… Hurry and register now; seats will fill up fast. This training only happens once a year.

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Register HERE its free.