Gals you are what you eat and you are also what you put on your skin, as we age (gracefully) its even more important to ensure that we have lots of energy and I often find that superfoods and certain food ingredients can boost our immunity, antioxidant levels and our energy levels and are usually great to consume, but also to put on our skin, it’s also important to get the right amount of exercise and relaxation, here’s my top six natural anti-ageing tips without a chemical or an injection of botox in sight.

  1. Use oils to rehydrate – especially coconut oil and certain essential oils

oil and pestle mortarRehydrate the skin and hair with oils, they balance the production of sebum and rehydrate the hydro-lipidic film of the skin, they are easily absorbed into the skin and if essential oils are added they  have further therapeutic benefits in that they smell great and can increase your happiness levels!   Rose is a fabulously anti-ageing female balancing oil, you can also use Rosehip oil   Frankincense and lavender are also great anti-ageing oils. No need for an all over body moisturiser, just use coconut oil.  (make it raw extra virgin)

  1. Ensure you are getting important vitamins and minerals

Remember the really important vitamins and minerals.   Many women are massively lacking in Vitamin D, in fact there’s a world wide epidemic of deficiency, it’s an important immune boosting vitamin do don’t always cover up in the sun – sounds controversial but do try and get at least 20 minutes unprotected sunshine.    Omega 3 levels are important too, ensure you eat oily fish or flax and as much dark green leafy veg as possible, Juicing them is by far the quickest way  to get copious amounts of veg – just add half an apple to sweeten    For anti-ageing, Hyaloronic acid is important as is Silica vit e capsules

  1. Pamper your hands they show your age

Hands will really benefit from regular massages, you can do this yourself using oil blends.  Coconut oil is wonderfully nourishing for hands, one simple option is to lather on pure extra virgin coconut oil at nightime and wear light gloves overnight,  (so long as you aren’t planning a night of passion) the next day your hands will be soft and silky.  You can also make a hand oil using 10ml Avocado oil and a few drops of Carrot oil, jojoba and geranium.  Blend together with a Vitamin E capsulehands-with-cream

  1. Boost your immunity with superfoods

 We all know we should eat a ‘rainbow of foods’ and the best diet is the ‘JERF’ diet (just eat real food) but we can add in some  superfoods to help us along

For chocolate lovers Raw Cacao is high in antioxidants.  You can make a rich chocolate face mask by combining raw cacao powder with live yoghurt or coconut oil – add course sea salt for an exfoliating scrub – smells divine, all the indulgence without the guilt!

Honey and Propolis are brilliantly anti-ageing,  just mix honey with cacao or live yoghurt, very healing for dry patches.  Wheatgrass is hard to beat for its immune boosting properties, you can add it to smoothies or drink it neat. Spirulina is brilliant added to smoothies too, but also great to add to a face mask.  Macadamia nuts and Chia seeds are high in protein,  great for their anti-inflammatory properties and again once added to a face mask and have great anti-ageing possibilities

  1. Boost your energy levels, keeping fit makes you look happier!

We can’t all be gym bunnies but as you get older it’s definitely a case of Use it or lose it,  exercise is hugely important for keeping toned and fit, it releases endorphins too so you will look happier and younger.  The trick is to find something you love that gets your heart rate up, whether its rowing, cycling, running, swimming , dancing salsa or just walking, just do it and preferably do something everyday, a recent study showed that even a moderately brisk walk for thirty minutes can massively reduce the risk of heart disease in women over fifty.healthy

     6  Choose happiness

The ultimate anti-ageing device is a warm smile – when you see a woman who is genuinely happy in her own skin, she gives off a certain energy that is youthful and attractive.  Choose to be happy, do something every day that lifts your spirits, be kind to yourself, take time out to nurture yourself and ask what resources you need.  Perhaps it’s a warm bath in candlelight, a walk in nature, or being by the sea.  Often women are so busy looking after others they forget to take care of their own happiness levels!

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Look Great Naturally. . .Without Ditching the Lipstick
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