Slange Var is Gaelic for ‘Cheers – to your good health’ and it captures so much about this special drink, made from freshly squeezed lime juice, cold pressed ginger juice, cider vinegar and a hint of Scottish award winning artisan honey to provide a velvety after-taste.




The same interesting flavour as wine – but without the alcohol, and a refreshing alternative to the sugary and ‘childish’ soft drinks commonly available. Lovingly made and complex as a fine wine or a single malt whisky, it can be enjoyed with no element of a guilty conscience. It contains no alcohol, almost no sugar and almost no calories. Rich in vitamins, Slange Var is over 20% lime juice, alcohol free, has 0% fat, 0% saturates, 0% salt and only contains 2g sugar.

Slange Var’s water is from Loch Katrine, which is regarded as one of the best sources of clean water in Europe. Tests for odour, colour, softness and chemical content are all at very low levels. Importantly, the flavour is clean and soft.

Created by Sarah Dougan & James Espey OBE, when Sarah wanted a low sugar alternative to wine to enjoy with the delicious meals cooked by her husband, Charles. After experimenting with different ingredients, Sarah created a wonderful blend full of healthy fresh ingredients and a truly delicious and interesting drink.



The drink became popular with their friends who urged them to make it commercially available and so the quest began in 2016….after sharing samples, the answer from restaurateurs, mixologists, hoteliers, and even a celebrity chef was a clear ‘go for it’. With help along the way from tasters, investors and fellow drink entrepreneurs they have created a premium alcohol-free drink. James is himself one of the drink sector’s most successful brand marketers and was awarded an OBE for services to the Scotch Whisky Industry. Together they are committed to Slange Var and have created a unique alcohol free drink that delights!

On its own, Slange Var has powerful flavours of freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh ginger, with faint sweet and sour notes from the honey and vinegar that can be sipped slowly over an evening. Mix 60% Slange Var with 40% gently sparkling water for a cool, long drink that has an addictive citrus tang, then a warm ginger aftertaste, leaving a fresh clean feel on the palate.You can use Slange Var as mixer to create to celebratory mocktails and cocktails. One of the favourites; Fizz, made with Orange Juice, Slange Var and Prosecco/Sparkling Water.

The recent decline of the honeybee population has been attributed to pollution, pesticides and climate change. To combat this, Slange Var and their customers have planted wildflower seeds suited to the Scottish environment. When these seeds grow into flowers, they’ll provide the essential pollen and nectar bees require to thrive.



As a business Slange Var respect the environment that provides the ingredients they use and they are committed to reinvesting profits into the reforestation of Scotland’s Caledonian Forest, where they are planting the Slange Var grove. This is part of their contribution to combating climate change and maintaining the beauty of the Scottish countryside and its wildlife.

“Cheers, I’ll have a Slange Var.”