My Verdict… ‘Get a great night’s sleep naturally with these plant-based supplements from pioneering EMF researcher Roger Coghill’

n my first book you may have read about biologist Roger Coghill, I’m a big fan of his book ‘Something in the Air’ and was fascinated some years ago to learn that he has done a huge amount of research into the health risks posed by the “electrosmog” which surrounds us all today.

He first found out that electro-magnetic fields cause the formation of free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals can damage DNA (leading to mutated cells) and cause all kinds of other damage too. However, they can be neutralised by what are called anti-oxidants, which also abound in nature. As well as being found in fresh fruit and vegetables (vitam

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ins for example) we can actually make our own anti-oxidants. Following up this research the lab found that certain plants cont

ain the ideal anti-oxidant, and that supplementing the diet with these protects cells from free radical damage.

In 2003 the lab’s research discovered that a certain edible plant contained nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant molecule which was exactly what was needed to help improve this process, and they started to grow it in the valley pastures of Wales. They found that, when dried and milled to a fine powder the plant protected them internally from electro-smog. Almost by accident when trialling the product they also found that it gave people the best natural sleep they had had since childhood and users also started reporting improved complexions, a clue that the supplement was having an anti-ageing effect!

Voila! Onto the market came Asphalia, from the ancient Greek word for “safety”. It’s won several awards for its innovation. The hugely respected nutritionist Jan de Vries recommends Asphalia as being a non-addictive, ‘side-effects free’ aid to sound sleep.