Smashed is a range of five award-winning 0% beer, lagers and ciders which offer a real alternative to drinking alcohol, brewed independently in Manchester using a unique cool vacuum distillation method.



The secret to the great taste is in the method – Smashed distils their base beers and ciders to remove the alcohol. Usually, this would be done at high temperatures at atmospheric pressures where chemical reactions take place which can destroy the delicate flavours and ruin the taste. Treating the products gently and boiling away the alcohol under vacuum, means they can reduce the temperature to a minimum, preserving all of the delicate flavours for you to enjoy. Each Smashed drink starts life as a fully alcoholic British craft beer, lager or cider which is brewed to 5% ABV. Smashed then gently lifts the alcohol out with their pioneering process that retains the DNA of the original drink but without the booze. They taste so good you wouldn’t realise they have absolutely zero alcohol in them.

All Smashed drinks are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, vegan, gluten free (where possible) and between 50 and 85 calories per 330ml bottle/can.

The Smashed range includes 


Alcohol Free Lager – A refreshing, pale gold lager beer with a clean taste. Perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, complex aromatic floral notes and mild, hoppy bitterness.



Alcohol Free Pale Ale – A light refreshing pale ale that’s a fusion of traditional and modern. A pale copper colour with hints of caramel and toffee. Finished with an American style hop for a passionfruit aroma.



Alcohol Free Shandy – unique citrus beer, is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of citrus, malt and hints of hops & barley. A pale gold, sparkling liquid with a fresh, clean aroma.


Alcohol Free Apple Cider – crisp and lightly carbonated cider, with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. A golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples.

Alcohol Free Berry Cider – with a perfect balance of sweetness, sharpness and fruitiness. A dark berry coloured sparkling cider with a fruity fresh aroma and hint of English apples. Forget boring AF, this is refreshing AF!


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