I’m always conscious that we can be a little bit ‘London centric’ when we talk about the rise of the Sober Curious, and the many sober meet-ups including my own Selfcare for the sober curious events, so I thought it would be good to get some tips from a US based writer on how to move on from addiction.  Editor.
Whether you’ve dealt with an addiction to cocaine or alcohol, it can be a debilitating experience.  Addiction to any toxic substance can directly impact your ability to live a long, prosperous and healthy life.   However, there is life on the other side of addiction.   There are professionals who can help you break the addiction and get through the journey.  Some decisions though, you’ll have to make on your own.
Create a lifestyle condusive to sobriety
One of those decisions involves making sure you take the time to create a lifestyle that’s conducive to your sobriety. Consider the following ways you can do this.
Know your triggers. If you know that going to your job’s happy hour is going to set you over the edge, don’t go.  If you already know that you have a specific weakness for drugs around the holidays, set up different safety nets to keep yourself in the safety zone. drug rehab Columbus Ohio is there for you to help you discover your triggers and history that led to the point of destruction. However, when you’re able to pinpoint your triggers, you’ll be able to set up safety nets to stay away at the appropriate time. Even if you feel like you’re strong enough to handle the temptation, it’s just better to avoid it altogether.
Be aware of the ‘voices’ in your head too, as Janey’s blog post for Alcohol Change Uk points out.
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The opposite of addiction is connection
Join communities that will keep you accountable. Accountability is essential for any major goal in life. When you know that people are looking to you to do what you said you’d do, the pressure to perform is on. Make sure you tap into a support group to help you stay connected to people.  Its possible that in the midst of  addiction, you might have burned bridges with family members and friends. This is one of the key reasons why finding a support group is essential. You can’t blame family members and friends for wanting to protect themselves after past experiences that might’ve gone sour. However, you still need to be proactive about getting around people who can truly handle the issues you’re carrying with such an intense journey.  In the UK check out Club Soda online community.
Use the power of visualization. The mind is such a powerful force. Many people don’t realize that a lot of their achievements and downfalls are because of the seeds they’ve planted in their mind. When it relates to diseases, there are studies that suggest that people have the power to think hard enough about getting sick. Eventually, they manifest the illnesses. If you look at addiction, many don’t realize that Addiction is considered a disease. However, it’s one you can beat. Adopt the power of visualization when you’re looking for healing. Think about how life will be different once you beat your addiction. Think about the experiences you’ll have and the places you’ll go. The more you visualize the beauty of that life, the more you’ll want to do what you can do to make those experiences a reality.
Create a living environment that works for your needs. If you’ve been addicted to alcohol, and you’ve decided to quit, don’t keep any of it in the house. Make your sobriety non-negotiable. . It’s also wise to consider alternatives. If you loved to drink alcohol, begin to purchase a range of healthy drinks and mocktails. As you cultivate a new palette, you’ll be able to build a life for yourself where alcohol isn’t something you crave anymore.
Maintain a regime. There are many people who don’t know what it’s like to be disciplined. However, when you’re disciplined, you’ll keep yourself out of trouble. When people think of discipline, they often think that a person leads a boring, dull life. It’s actually the opposite. When you work on developing the muscle of discipline, you set yourself up to actually experience the life you truly want. Whether you’d like to lose weight or learn the guitar, there is a certain amount of discipline you’ll need to cultivate in order to practice, exercise and commit to the long-term journey. When you’re looking to remain sober, maintain a regimen that includes activities that will keep you busy like exercise, volunteering and part-time work. Keep a schedule that allows you to wake up and get the day started. When you’re focused with your schedule, it’s a lot easier to stick with a commitment to sobriety. While the journey won’t necessarily be an easy one, it’s one that’s worth fighting for. You deserve to live a healthy and happy life. With the use of these tips and medical professionals, you’ll be able to live a life that’s free of addiction and pain.
Thanks to our US Guest writer for this post.  Views are not necessarily that of the editor.
Editors note.  Make sure you absorb knowledge and inspiration! Check out Alcohol Free Life podcast