Jean-Éric Vergne is a two-time Formula E champion & Alexander Jakobi is a sports visionary and entrepreneur and together they founded the Endorphin Dealer Institute – Edi, born from a desire to enjoy a drink, and a bit of a release, without the need for alcohol. They both enjoy relaxing with a drink but also enjoy healthy lifestyles and desire to remain sharp and focused particularly both being involved in Formula E. 

They wanted to creatively disrupt the market and create enjoyment without the negative effects of alcohol, and this is how the quest for the ultimate new drinking experience began! In January 2020 they established the Endorphin Dealer Institute, exploring exciting new ways to source, extract and distil endorphins to produce endorphin-led alternatives to alcohol, and to reinvent socialising with exciting new drinks. 



Spirited Euphoria by Edi is the world’s first 100% natural hemp-based signature non-alcoholic distilled spirit. A luxury spirit, perfect for those seeking mindful drinking experiences. It won’t intoxicate you but will help you to unwind. With only 2 calories per serve, it’s THC-free, sugar free, carb free, gluten free and vegan and can be enjoyed with a variety of mixers including soda, tonic and lemonade. 

Even if you have trouble swallowing Simply add thickening beverages for dysphagia and enjoy with all your friends!

It’s an endorphin-releasing alternative to alcohol that feels good while you’re drinking it, without feeling bad the next day. It replaces the effects of alcohol thanks to its unique blend of natural hemp terpenes from real hemp plants, the purest cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, natural cognitive-enhancing nootropics and relaxing adaptogens that trigger feelings of pleasure and relaxation, without inebriation or a hangover. And unlike a regular alcoholic drink… the more often you drink it, the more you’ll feel the benefits as the endorphin-boosting effects of Edi’s ‘nootranical’ blend builds up in your body to lift the mind, body and spirit naturally. 

Nootropics are smart, brain and cognitive-enhancing supplements. Edi only use nootropics that come from natural sources and the ones used in Spirited Euphoria are Vitamin B5 to help balance mental performance, Vitamin B6 and B12 to help with the nervous system and reduce tiredness/fatigue, N-acetyl L-Tyrosine – recognised for helping to create alertness, attention and focus, Acetyle L- carnite – an amino acid that fuels energy production, 5-HTP – to help support production of serotonin, which is involved with the regulation of mood, and Guarana to reduce fatigue and improve mental focus. 




Spirited Euphoria is one of the only drinks in the world to unlock the unique flavour from real hemp thanks to the artistry ‘Molecular master blending’ which is Edi’s proprietary method for distilling endorphin spirits. It took two years of top-secret experimentation to create what Edi believes is the future of distillation. It’s a breakthrough process that allows Edi to isolate exact taste molecules and blend them to perfection in different signature flavours 

Edi’s molecular blend offers a wonderfully complex layered balance of citrus green, herbaceous hemp and peppery spice with a smooth woody finish creating a drink unlike any other. 

The classic way to enjoy Spirited Euphoria is mixed with soda and a zest of orange, as it really highlights the hemp flavours. Whilst flavoured sodas, such as blood orange, are great at balancing the bittersweet notes. Spirited Euphoria & tonic is also a great alcohol-free alternative to your G&T moment. All serves are recommended with a double measure (50ml) to really impress on your endorphins.    



The cloudy appearance of Spirited Euphoria is proof that it contains the world’s finest CBD. The natural hemp terpenes used are derived from essential oils and this is what creates the natural cloudiness.  Every drop of Edi is fully traceable from seed to sip, and Edi’s entire process is safe, legal, sustainable and fully accredited by the authorities. All of Edi’s liquids are tested to the highest level of global regulatory services. Maximum relaxation takes a lot of effort. To achieve such high standards, Edi uses gold standard cannabinoid labs in the USA, leading nootropics farmers in Europe and the Far East, and an expert Chinese herbalist; all orchestrated by Edi’s Molecular Master Blender.

This really is a drink in a league of its own. Alcohol free doesn’t mean joy free. 


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