From a psychic stately home in Essex to an esoteric spiritual retreat in North California –‘Power for Good’ weaves a magical pathway interlacing the authors spiritual events and experiences of a powerful life changing teaching and philosophy.

David Serlin believes in the power of spiritual laws, it’s great that his story shows how spirituality can be fun and accessible to everyone!

This book is about life – about the invitations and opportunities that may come our way and the hidden blessings and lessons they may contain. In the vein of ‘The Secret’ and Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ this book explores key spiritual principles such as the Law of Attraction and reveals the underlying truths behind them. It provides a fascinating insight into spiritual laws and teachings and explains how anyone, and everyone can use spiritual principles to deal more effectively with life’s issues and challenges.   Reading this reminded me that what we believe affects everything, most of our beliefs have been accumulated over the years, they don’t have a ‘factual’ basis, but we often ‘create’ facts to support what we believe. We can choose our thoughts and we can look at our limiting beliefs, change them and begin to attract what we want into our lives.

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“What a fabulous well written book…thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end. Highly recommended. Very interesting and inspiring read.” Larraine, Amazon customer.

“I found this book so interesting it was hard to put down. I would highly recommend Power For Good to everyone who is looking for meaning and understanding about their journey through life.” Jodi – Amazon customer


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David J Serlin has always been intrigued by the mysteries of spirituality. Following a successful career in marketing and property management, he followed his dream to train as a spiritual healer and, later, as a practitioner of Positive Thinking and of New Thought, founding a Spiritual Living group with his wife Linda. They offer workshops and personal training in spiritual development. “Spirituality,” David says, “must be relevant, accessible to all – and fun!”

In 2007 David and Linda organised and hosted the first ever *Science of Mind Conference in the UK and the first New Thought Conference in this country for nearly a century! (Science of Mind is the teaching that inspired Louise Hay – who herself became a practitioner and minister).

Hundreds of people attended this life changing event from all over the world- with a follow up event in 2009 at the Watford Hilton. The message was simple and clear and resonates very much with the modern and topical interest in mindfulness, meditation and affirmations. ‘Change Your Thinking- Change Your Life’

David and Linda are currently organising a major one-day seminar on June 20th in Chipperfield Hertfordshire entitled ‘ The Game of LIFE – And How to Play It’ using spiritual principles for greater health, happiness and abundance. Click link below for details and booking:

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