We are excited to announce that TIANA Fair Trade Organics are sponsoring the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards.


TIANA Fair Trade Organics launched with TIANA Fair Trade Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which became the first fair trade certified, organic coconut based product on the market. The company has continued to develop products that are of the highest quality and nutritional benefits including their most recent products High Strength 100% MCT Energy and High Strength MCT Energy with Omega-3.

Both contain 100% MCT and 0% long chain fatty acids, unlike other brands which contains 60%-90% MCT (the effectiveness of MCT depends on complete removal long chain fatty acids). MCT Energy food supplements provide you with instant energy and also lower your cholesterol levels.

I use their TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut oil every day for cooking, it’s cold pressed only from fresh, select, organic coconuts without any heat involved at any stage of production – that’s why TIANA has the highest nutritional values of any Virgin Coconut Oil available (57% Lauric Acid – which is of course the main component in breast milk).

I also love their coconut water which is like drinking straight from the coconut due to the fact that is canned within 3 hours of opening the coconut. Tiana have also developed a beauty range for skin and hair. I especially like their Rose Fresh Coconut moisturiser, it contains a high amount of anti-oxidants is natures’ defence against anti-ageing.  I use it day and night and it lasts for ages. Check out all their amazing multi award winning products…