For 20 years Enzymedica has been researching, creating and producing award winning exclusive blends of plant-based digestive enzymes for digestive health and food intolerances. Quality is key, and their uniqueness lies in their patented TheraBlend ™ and TherActive™ delivery technologies. This makes the Enzymedica enzyme supplements 3 x stronger than other brands and allows for up to 6 x faster absorption in the digestive system.


Enzymes are active proteins found in all living cells and are the foundation of vibrant health. Our bodies naturally produce both digestive and metabolic enzymes, as they are needed but sometimes due to digestive problems we need a helping hand. Also cooking and heating food destroys the natural enzymes that help us digest our food and so we must rely on the digestive enzymes that our bodies manufacture to help us break down our meals.

Acid Soothe 90

All products are 100% vegetarian and contain absolutely no fillers to ensure purity. Each product is specifically formulated to provide targeted support for common digestive discomforts, food intolerances, cardiovascular health, proper immune function or healthy inflammatory responses.