We are thrilled to have AEOS as sponsors of our 2019 Platinum Awards. AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare) are known for their formulations that harness the power of plants while amplifying their living energy, along with cutting-edge technologies to create unique award-winning skincare.



AEOS believe that creating superior products that have the greatest benefits for your skin begins long before the ingredients are blended and poured into a bottle. That’s why the potency and pureness of their ingredients is priority and is intrinsically linked to the biodynamic methods they adhere to on their 500 acre Shire Farm in Lincolnshire.

Mike Booth founder & innovator of AEOS Skincare is a leading authority on Beyond Bio dynamic farming and owns Shire Farm. On the farm Copper ploughs are used, and chakra paths are created across the landscape and human sized crystals are placed at key chakra points, always working with the natural water to energise the water for use in the bio dynamic preparations on the land.

The Spelt oil used in AEOS skincare is produced from the bio dynamic spelt grain grown on the farm, and the “healing” properties for the skin are incredible.


No other brand has the spaguric crystal tinctures, the water technology or the biodynamic spelt oil as a core component that AEOS use.

This combination at a very basic level, reforms skin as well as bringing wellbeing and peace to the user, through the inclusion of the crystal energises. The crystals work on an energy level, but also in ancient times, certain crystals we used for specific purposes at a physical level and AEOS covers all of this in their unique brand.


Win a gift pack of skin care from AEOS worth £224!