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Sea Arch Drinks makes the award-winning Coastal Juniper non-alcoholic distilled spirit. Inspired by the Devon coast and bursting with seaside botanicals, Sea Arch is a crisp, complex and deliciously fresh spirit. All packaging used by the company is plastic-free and recyclable or compostable, even the paint on the bottles is solvent free, all of which is part of an environmental pledge to ensure the brand has the lowest possible impact on the environment.



Sarah and Geoff Yates are the creators and producers of Sea Arch Drinks, they owned a wine bar for four years and they noticed that customers began asking for more interesting alternatives to alcohol, and like many of their customers, they themselves were becoming more health conscious, and more discerning about what they wanted to eat and drink. They began to look for non-alcoholic alternatives that weren’t sugary or full of additives and Sea Arch was born, created in their kitchen overlooking the sea!


Sea Arch has the quintessential flavour of gin, provided by intense, dry, piney-tasting juniper berries, it also has a distinctive tang of the sea, it can be enjoyed with a clear head, a clean conscience and plenty of ice. It’s delicious with tonic and wonderful in cocktails. Sea Arch is sugar-free and calorie-free but rich in flavour. It’s as uplifting as a walk on the beach – and just as good for you.

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For the second year running Sea Arch is sponsoring the Janey Loves 2021 Platinum Awards. A fabulous team are supporting these Awards alongside Janey Lee Grace, will be beloved Organic living guru Jo Wood, TV presenter and ‘voice coach to the stars’ Carrie Grant, UK’s leading expert in women’s nutritional health Dr Marilyn Glenville, and actress Glynis Barber.


Sea Arch takes the inspiration for its name from a stunning natural sea arch off the coast of Torquay, near Beacon Cove. This cove is one of the study sites for The Seahorse Trust, with both of the British seahorse species – the spiny seahorse and the short snouted seahorse – found here, as well as elsewhere around the bay. Sea Arch is teaming up with The Seahorse Trust to help boost awareness of the charity and raise much-needed funds to support its research and conservation work. Both based in Devon, Sea Arch and The Seahorse Trust share a passion for the coast and a commitment to protecting the natural world.