Tiana are a fair trade and organic brand, who really care about social responsibility with sustainable agriculture.  They have long been my favourite brand when it comes to coconut oil and associated products. Here’s a reminder of some of my favourites:



TIANA® Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is 100% natural (NOT refined) Organic extra virgin first cold pressed oil from raw fresh coconuts (to ensure NO coconut nutrients are lost. It’s 100% vegan and allergy free (free from*).

It has many proven health benefits, as well as being ideal for cooking and baking (highly resistant to heat) and can be used as beauty essentials for skin and healthy hair. It has a delicate coconut flavour and NO palm oil. This premium quality coconut oil is used in TIANA 100% MCT Energy range to ensure best quality food supplements.

TIANA 100% MCT Energy range

An innovative Food supplement 100% natural, vegetarian & vegan and allergy free, expertly formulated and highly concentrated food supplement which is a natural and powerful source of energy and metabolism booster for the body.

Ideal for those who are tired or need a boost of energy. Contains premium quality pure 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): TIANA® raw extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil is made of 100% pure MCT (unlike most commercial coconut oil) and contains all four vital fatty acids.

Easy to use (1 tablespoon after breakfast) with 2 versions available


High Strength 100% MCT Energy


A natural solution for all adults who need instant energy to reduce tiredness and fatigue!

Ideal for athletes and sports nutrition as part of a healthy balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.




TIANA® High Strength 100% MCT Energy with Omega-3

Ideal for people looking to control their cholesterol levels and reduce fatigue and tiredness.

100% Vegan Omega-3 ALA (NO fish), one 15ml tablespoon daily provides the required intake of 2mg to maintain normal cholesterol levels – free from gluten, wheat, nut, dairy content, cholesterol, GMO, trans-fats and hydrogenated fat (no palm oil).