Spring is officially on it’s way, even though it’s been freezing – literally! We now hopefully get to see bluer skies, more daffodils and the promise of lighter days and the warmth of sunshine! After hibernation and snuggling down of winter, spring is the perfect time for renewal and to make some healthier choices that you’ll be grateful for come summer!


Spring sunshine on a crisp cold day is the perfect time for hanging out duvets and pillows on the line to kill off any bugs.

Go natural to give your home a thorough cleaning. You really don’t need a multitude of toxic chemical laden products, just a handful of natural kitchen ingredients will do the job and create sparkle.

Bicarbonate of soda –  is brilliant and used mixed in water with a microfiber cloth, it will clean most surfaces. It’s great for soaking up odours too and even works on stains – mix it with a little amount of water to form a paste and it will work on mud, grass and perspiration. Eucalyptus oil is great for all oil stains.

Lemons – can be used really effectively to clean a ceramic sink and add a bit of lemon peel to your cutlery container in the dishwasher – it will help shine things up beautifully.

Vinegar – is great for making a ‘fizzing’ solution with bicarbonate of soda for cleaning the loo – put your rubber gloves on, remove some of the water from the bowl and get scrubbing! Vinegar is also fantastic for lino floors – 50:50 hot water and white vinegar brings it up like new (don’t use on waxed floor as it can remove the wax!).

Cleanse your skin

Everyone is talking about hand washing! Use natural soaps such as these from Kentish Soaps, their beautiful soaps are lovingly handmade in small batches, using the traditional cold process method combining oils that are natural and nourishing for your skin, such as avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil, along with exquisite essential oils chosen for their fragrance whether citrus, floral, uplifting, calming… and botanicals and clays for colour. Their soaps smell amazing, are vegan friendly and take care of your skin without any toxic nasties added, no artificial colours or fragrances are used at any stage of the process.

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kentish soap pale bars

Revive and Rejuvenate

These natural pick me ups will put a spring in your step. Most of us know that good health starts from the gut, try this amazing drink (which tastes fine!)

Symprove Live and Activated Bacteria


We are a nation depleted in good gut bacteria which can lead to digestive problems, obesity and of course low immunity. Symprove live and activated bacteria has a Unique Delivery System (UDS) to ensure bacteria quickly reaches targeted areas of the gut. The four unique strains of bacteria in Symprove work together to ensure they THRIVE in the intestines and targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively. It’s a non-dairy, gluten free, water-based drink which is gentle on the gut.


i9 CHAKRA – Informed water bottle


i9 CHAKRA Informed water bottle has a TP Tag which positively affects the water you fill it with in terms of its vibrational orientation, the changes are sufficient to influence on chemical reactions in the water and can alter the biochemistry of plants, animals and the human organism.

The bottle helps clean and return water to its natural state, effectively penetrating the cell membranes and promoting transport of essential nutrients, increasing energy bio-field, and improving the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. This can result in benefits such as improved digestion, better sleep, increased focus, and improved mental and physical wellbeing. The best water you can drink!


At this time of year we can be looking at a few winter months’ worth of neglected skin. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable then it needs some attention!

AEOS Gentle Exfolient


Reveal a glowing fresh complexion in time for spring with this multi award winning gentle exfolient. This will smooth and nourish skin while boosting hydration levels. A rich cocktail of skin-nurturing organic oils – jojoba seed, grape seed, argan and avocado – plus biodynamic spelt oil bursting with antioxidant, moisturising and regenerative properties, skin is left touchably-soft and perfectly primed for optimal product absorption.


Soothing, nourishing and softening balms in a range of gorgeous fragrances for everyday use. Scence use jojoba oil, mango butter and essential oils in these super hydrating body balms and all products are cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

These super nourishing balms are perfect to add to your daily shower or bath routine. Hold the balm against your skin for 2-3 seconds to warm then glide to apply to skin where needed. It’s a lovely sensation making skin silky to touch! Massage into skin on all areas apart from face and neck.

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes



When magnesium flakes are dissolved in a body or foot bath the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, providing you with the most relaxing 20 minutes you will ever spend!  Just dissolve 250g (roughly equivalent to two cups) in a warm bath and relax for 20 minutes or longer to gain full body relaxation.  It is advised that 2-3 magnesium rich baths are taken per week.