‘An easy to use natural sugaring hair removal kit, no mess, far less ‘ouch factor’ than waxing, and long lasting silky smooth skin’  Janey Lee Grace

janey-Lee-Grace-bathroom2In our quest for natural beauty it seems we spend an awful lot of time finding natural hair products and caring for our locks but what we definitely don’t need is too much hair in the wrong places.

So what’s the best method to save on constantly going to the salon? Shaving can be a daily, potentially dangerous method of hair removal that has to be repeated almost 24 hours later,  I hate the idea of  toxic-smelling hair removal creams onto my skin, I’m not a fan of waxing, its messy, doesn’t smell great and I find it painful, so I’m delighted to have found an ‘at-home’ option of removing hair naturally with a Sugaring product  I’m sure you know about sugaring for hair removal, perhaps you have tried making your own with lemon juice and sugar or maybe you have paid to have it done professionally,

I’m sure if you have tried it, you agree that using sugar paste rather than a hot wax is much kinder to the skin and the pain threshold! I’ve discovered the perfect, cruelty free, 100% natural solution from Sugar StripEase.

Sugaring – a time honoured tradition

Sugaring has been used by women for thousands of years and it’s said that if sugaring is started early, it actually helps to diminish hair growth so that fewer treatments are needed as we age, as opposed to other techniques for hair removal, where we tend to need to remove hair more frequently.  Sugar StripEase is a specialist blend of sugar syrup and water and provides the gentlest and smoothest treatment of hair removal, it also eliminates the risk of in-grown hairs, as hair re-growth will always be in its natural direction.   The product can be warmed in the microwave for about a minute, and it stays warm for a period of 30-40 minutes to complete the hair removing process.  It looks a bit like a jar of Molasses and smells extremely edible, you do need to whisk the strips off the skin, a little like removing a plaster but its entirely bearable.  I think the lovely sweet smell helps!


Sugar StripEase’s creators have unrivalled expertise in the area of sugaring (they created the original sugaring product for Body Shop, for 20 years a bestseller) and now they have created the ultimate ultra-gentle sugaring product, with the optimum blend of pure sugar syrups for easy application which takes the work out of de-fuzzing and it can be used on any part of the body without fear of irritation.

This is the ultimate eco-choice for anyone on a quest for satin-smooth skin. It’s chemical-free: based on 100% natural ingredients (natural enough to eat!) it’s also BUAV-approved as cruelty-free and perfect for Vegans. If that isn’t wonderful enough, Sugar StripEase are also the first company to introduce reusable natural fabric strips!  I was impressed by this because despite the product being very affordable I was concerned I wouldn’t get much usage but its so simple just to re-use.

They have a wonderful pure and fine talc for pre-sugaring skin preparation (they give extensive instructions around exfoliating and preparing the skin before removal)  One great tip is use a  tradition amongst Asian brides to make a paste of  chick pea flour mixed with Rose water and a pinch of turmeric.  Apply this to the face, arms and legs, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off.   Notice how smooth your skin feels. This is performed as a ceremony in the lead up to the wedding day.

After hair removal. there’s  a Soothing Mist as the final step for beautifully smooth skin. You never need go near that tub of hot wax again – ‘touch-me smooth’ skin with no ouch factor!  Its nowhere near as messy to clean up either.