Not everyone is jetting off to far flung places this summer, so if you are enjoying a summer at home then check out my favourite natural products to make it more enjoyable!

For the Garden…

Hydronic for plants, flowers and garden from i9living


With the Hydronic it is possible to affect the structure of water, for example its vitality and memory, by carefully selecting information, which can then be imprinted in different materials. It is similar to the way music and computer programs are imprinted on metallic plates.

The Hydronic can be installed anywhere where the watering system is, it can be directly on your water source pipe, or somewhere where your watering hose is.


Hydronic-for-garden-installation-02 (1)

Living matter is able to perceive the physical effects that are far below the threshold of sensitivity of even the most sensitive instruments.

This Hydronic technology has received a myriad of awards: the Gold Medal on the Invention Expo in Pittsburgh in 2000, the special award on the same fair for the best innovation in the field of ecology, the gold award on the International Expo of Inventions in Nürenberg, the gold medal on the International Crafts Fair in Celje and many other accolades.

Benefits are cleaning the unwanted memory held within the water of chemical, frequency & energy contamination, reviving water with positive information, without the use of chemicals. It returns water to its natural state and increases energy bio-field to give you better growing plants that are greener and bloom more, with more endurance, and a higher yield and a greater quality and resilience of fruits.

When using the Hydronic there is no need to use plant protection preparations alongside it.


Working from your home office…..

Back App Chair from Relaxback

Back App Black 02 (1)

The Back App is a wonderful chair that is very popular in Nordic countries where they really understand ergonomics and how to keep people in shape – we sit far too much….whilst at the office, while travelling to work, for leisure etc. –research shows that if we sit too much we are much more likely to suffer from back pain not to mention that’s it’s just bad for our general health.  ‘Sitting is the new cancer’ according to Tim Cook the chief executive of Apple. The Department of Health call sitting ‘a silent killer’ and say it’s as dangerous as smoking, it’s thought that if you sit for more than 8 hours a day it can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death by 15 per cent.

Many of us suffer the torture of back pain and research gives evidence that Back App can reduce your back pain while sitting, help you maintain a better posture, and increase your movement when sitting. The comfy saddle seat along with the slightly higher sitting position leads to a more open hip angle which maintains your back’s natural lumbar curve, so you do not slouch and sitting upright is easier.

Placing feet and moving them on the balance ball will strengthen core muscles you use to balance. Giving gentle stimulation and a great core work-out, overall much better and healthier posture.

Bio Protective Systems – Technology and Radiation Protection

The ability to work independently and from the comfort of one’s own home with the aid of modern technology and lightning fast Wi-Fi connections offer great opportunities and possibilities, but at the same time, the high-tech environment surrounding us today may have a serious impact on our well-being.

Many of our physical processes are regulated by electrical signals (bio photons). Artificial electromagnetic fields may interfere with these regulatory cycles, weakening our vitality, and impact our immune systems. The results: fatigue, tiredness, loss of concentration, tension, sleep disorders.


The TRANSFORMER 28-4G-W neutralises the high emissions of mobile masts and transmitters creating a protective zone around your apartment or house in a radius of 33 metres or up to 108 feet. The energy quality in living and working spaces increases and radiation-related disorders may subside.

The TRANSFORMER 22-30 neutralises and harmonises the pulsed W-Fi emissions creating a personal protection zone in a diameter of 20 metres or up to 66 feet.

GREEN8 evolution for smartphone, mobile phone, cordless phone and mouse protection is provided by the GREEN8 evolution. Simply apply the thin, self-adhesive foil (25 x 35mm) to the back of a smartphone or inside the smartphone’s protective cover.


Incognito Room Refresher and Insect Repellent


This is Incognito’s second best-selling product, it acts like a natural version of a plug-in, and leaves your room smelling fresh with a lovely pleasant pine scent. It requires no batteries or plug and is 100% natural and chemical free. The citrusy fragrance emitted is also perfect for relaxation and stress-relief.

The aroma released by the Java citronella significantly helps to reduce your attractiveness to insects, which is particularly useful for night-time use.

It’s great for Summer as it will keep insects out of your rooms for up to 3 weeks after opening, up to 6 weeks if the lid is replaced when not in use. A perfect way to keep your house, tents and caravan insect free.   Buy on amazon


Relax in your Home….

Shui Me – Relax Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Shui Me Relax Reed Diffuser (1)

The beautiful combination of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Pettigrain oils makes this a wonderful diffuser to use in the bedroom, a relaxation zone, and any space where you wish to create a tranquil mood. Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and release nervous tension and combined with the effective anti-depressant properties of Ylang Ylang and Pettigrain, this winning combination smells amazing and has the added benefit that it promotes calm and hope. It’s fabulous for yoga, meditation and spiritual practices and for those who desire a good night’s sleep. It’s 100% natural with the power of aromatherapy.


Enjoy the Summer Heat with an Alcohol Free Drink….

Sea Arch


Sea Arch has all the deliciousness of gin, but none of the alcohol. Bursting with seaside botanicals, including juniper for the gin lover and sea kelp to evoke the striking South West coastline. Founders Sarah & Geoff have lovingly created a crisp, refreshing non-alcoholic spirit.

The distinctive blend gives an intense, yet inviting depth of flavour, the botanicals are balanced and all natural, making it a grown up, sophisticated, vegan-friendly drink – so you can kick back, sip it slowly and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Each of the botanicals is individually distilled, then the alcohol is removed to leave behind pure, evocative flavour so you are left with the perfect refreshing alcohol-free gin (or at least, as close to alcohol-free as you can get). Intense, dry, piney-tasting juniper berries give it the taste of gin, it also has a distinctive tang of the sea which comes from Laminaria digita Sea Kelp that grows like forests beneath the water in the area, along with complex, spicy, herby cardamom which brings out citrus flavours, there’s also Angelica Root, a little bitter, a little herbal, with fresh, tasty and clean cucumber, sharp and sweet grapefruit, and finally deep flavoursome blood orange.

Absolutely delicious!   Buy Now on Amazon


Jeffrey’s Lime, Galangal & Orange Tonic Syrup


This is refreshing and tangy with a distinctive flavour of organic lime juice and a subtle background of galangal – another unusual, but delicious, Far Eastern and citrus echo. This one is perfect for a sunny day, perhaps watching the tennis.  Buy on Amazon