We aren’t quite there yet but we can dream…lets talk about how we can best look after our skin and our hair as we head into the summer months. I asked Michelle, the founder of Elise Marques London – a natural, yet luxury brand for her tips..

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Michelle, suggests that as your wardrobe changes to linens and light cottons, you should apply the same principles to your skin care. “It’s time to lighten up,” says Michelle, who suggests swapping richer heavy moisturizers for light lotions and gels during the warmer months,  Try  the Illustre face and eye serum fortified with antioxidants daily. .Antioxidants help revive a dull complexion and shield skin from environmental damage. Highly concentrated, this intensive gel serum focuses and targets specific areas of concern, light in texture, it soaks into the skin activating the cells at the core to regulate melanogenesis to help even out skin tone, lighten age spots and reduce skin discoloration. Its richness in oryzanol, vitamins and minerals gives the serum softening, toning and moisturising effects

Michelle believes in using an SPF, however, no SPF is foolproof, it’s wise to add skin brightening products to your daily routine. If summer leaves its mark, take a tip from Michelle’s own skin-care routine. “I use our Illustre range” to help keep my skin even, moisturised and flawless, says Michelle, who uses Illustre Brightening Moisturiser on her face, neck, and chest every day and in the hotter months she recommends reapplying every 2-3 hours to keep skin hydrated and plump. Itsa light moisturising cream brimming with rice bran oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish, even out skin tone as well as lighten the appearance of blemishes and age spots.The vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects cell membranes and aids skin repair. Jojoba oil is also loaded with antioxidants for a supercharged punch, leaving your complexion looking revitalised, radiant and pores less prominent.

Every 7-10 days Michelle also uses the Illustre glorious facial polish, a fine light facial polish with micro particles of rice to buff away dull skin leaving it noticeably smoother and more radiant. Perfect for balancing the skin’s complexion, this rich, creamy polish firms the skin and reduces wrinkles. Skin feels smoother and more radiant with noticeably less pores, whist gently exfoliating the skin, it will help lighten blemishes and appearance of age spots. It’s Important to replenish the skin and be more delicate after being in the sun, so it’s best to avoid any aggressive products.

And so to bed…

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Your nighttime routine is just as, if not more important in the hotter months, Michelle is very serious about her evening routine and even has a time out ritual that her clients have dubbed the evening miracle, as part of this she uses our Enrich Timeless Face Oil, a luxurious face oil for all who want to hold back time, this natural oil is without nasties but brimming with a blend of neroli, sweet mandarin, rose wood, almond, star flower and bitter orange oils, perfect for deeply nourishing the face, it is packed with vitamin E and is a great anti-oxidant. The scent invokes feelings of joy, uplifting the mood whilst making you feel relaxed so perfect to apply before bed. Promotes new skin cell generation and reduces scarring and leaves the skin nourished and silky. You can radiate that healthy summer glow.

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Our summer crowning glory, our summer hair can often be brittle and dry, who better than award winning hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan to offer her summer hair care tips..


Tabitha says…If after the long winter you notice dead, dry ends, a good maintenance cut is the only way to strengthen dead ends, however this is where prevention is better than cure. Using a good natural hair oil will really help to protect, strengthen and seal dry weak end and prepare them to receive moisture for longer. Natural is important here as goodness from your moisturising products can travel through a natural oil rather than being coated by a silicone/plastic based oil.  Try the Tabitha James Kraan Organic Scented Hair Oil  Using a hair oil as a pre-wash treatment will bring life,luste and bouyancy back to flat lifeless strands too.

All gone frizzy?
The only way to ensure that your hair will not go fizzy is to moisturise it well! Think of your hair as a dry sponge if it is full of moisture it cannot take more, if hair is dehydrated it will take moisture from the humidity in the air resulting in frizz.  Use a natural hair oil blend such as Try Scented organic hair oil to seal the hair and then apply the right type of natural hair moisturiser regularly.  I recommend moisturising your hair before you go to bed at night and to dress your hair in the morning thus building and maintaining   moisturising that will last and prevent frizz. The Tabitha James Kraan organic 4-1 conditioner is the perfect product for this.


If you find you have colour problems caused by chlorine, always coat your hair in a heavy oil like organ or coconut oil before you go into a heavily chlorinated pool, this will create a barrier to prevent chlorine getting in.  Very fair hair will absorb the green tones of the chlorine and frankly are best corrected by your hairdresser who can do it gently and respectfully of your hair condition.

Thinning hair is most often caused by internal imbalances, however it is always aggravated by the very nature of shampoos that strip the hair and scalp.  Using a natural shampoo will be less abrasive and not strip the scalp as when the scalp is stripped of its natural oil the result is that the body will over produce oil to put it back again, which swamps the hair follicle causing hairs to fall away prematurely.  I developed a hair cleanser that teaches your scalp to slow down its oil production and promotes a calm and balanced scalp.  This will therefore support the scalp in slowing down hair loss naturally.  Try the Tabitha James Kraan Hair Cleanser

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