As we rock to summer I wrote a piece in Health Triangle mag about a few fave products that have been entered into the Platinum Awards

Britts Superfoods 

I am loving the Wheatgrass shots, I did try to grow my own for years, but this is so much more convenient! Organic, frozen shots delivered to the door.  A taste of sunshine in a glass


I love all their products, but for summer travels its hard to beat this all purpose ‘shower bar’, properly ‘lathers’ and smells great


I use Tiana products every single day, their Raw organic extra virgin coconut oil is a staple for the kitchen and the bathroom, and I am loving this new premium skincare range.  This is perfect for dry summer skin

Rhythm of Beauty

Such a gorgeous brand who deliver seasonal skincare, the glass bottle look lovely in the bathroom and you can feel the love (and magic) that went into creating them

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HTM 102 cover

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