As we head towards Valentines Day it can be a good time to focus on how much we are able to love and accept ourselves.

In the Sober Club its a big topic, many of our members have ditched the booze, or are thinking about it, they aren’t at rock bottom but alcohol is starting to feature too highly in their life. In my experience its almost impossible to lovely yourself when you are drinking too much, or indeed have any addictive patterns.  For years despite being ‘Queen’ of selflove and interviewing every ‘guru’ going on Hay House radio, I definitely didn’t feel much love towards myself.

I couldn’t meditate or be with myself for long, because I was not authentic.

If you find this difficult focus on becoming curious about how you can love yourself more.  Try some very simple short guided meditations.  Join us as a member even if just for one month and access all our exclusive resources in the Self love / meditation mash up challenge,  Join us here