Talonmore Drinks Company is a Scottish based, family run business, founded in Edinburgh in 2020. The Talonmore name derives from the strength of an eagle and its touch point with the land’s natural ingredients. Talonmore’s mascot eagle’s head symbolises power and freedom. Talonmore was created to provide an exceptional alcohol-free drink of choice that can be enjoyed without compromising health, control and taste. 



Talonmore offers choice; creating foundations for sophisticated adventurers who want to celebrate climbing to the peak of a mountain in style, drivers who want to make the most of their roadtrip or professionals having the perfect serve for a midweek social gathering. 




Using brewing methods of manufacture, rather than distilling, they have developed a unique beverage that ensures flavour is at the forefront, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit. Talonmore is 0% ABV and brewed with Scottish water. The key superfoods; ginger, prickly pear, hawthorn berry and Assam tea have recognised health benefits in their own right, and when combined together offer a full bodied, fiery taste that replicates the pleasant burn of alcohol. It’s warm and fiery and the lingering taste is fired by the spice of ginger and cinnamon whilst complemented with malty notes and fruit sweetness.   




Talonmore can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails, as a winter warmer with nostalgic fragrances and evolving spices. Or, add a light mixer for the perfect summer refreshment. 

The glass bottle, packaging and cap are fully recyclable.


Win a Bottle of Talonmore Non-Alcoholic Spirit worth £22.95!