What are your hopes and resolutions as we head into a new year? Often, it’s tied up with finances, and of course your financial health can affect our wellbeing. Christmas often leaves us wiped out and we can’t seem to focus on manifesting a healthy, happy and abundant New Year – irrespective of what our New Year resolutions are.

The feelings money invokes within us are all consuming. The stress of not having enough is something many of us are far too familiar with and conversely, if you are ‘rich’, you probably have a lot of stress involved in managing your money, controlling it, or maybe a fear of losing it.

No-one can ‘magic’ you to be rich, but you can learn the skills and mindset to generate a bigger income, get promoted or grow your business, and have ‘enough’ to feel fulfilled. I’ve been round the houses and back on this one and despite still having a few negative beliefs around money, I do practice gratitude and really do value that I am rich in the currency of friendship at least.

So how do we make a fresh start to re-set our beliefs around money?

Liz 2

Liz Hancock, an author and coach who uses a combination of visualization and EFT, says ‘Tapping’ on certain acupressure points on the body can calm the nervous system and literally re-wire the brain to feel differently about the issue you are focusing on. It can give you the chance to relax and create the space to think big and be creative, which is exactly what we need for a new year.

Here’s a sample Tapping Script:

tapping points

Set Up: Tapping on the side of the hand Even though every time I think about money, I feel nervous, I’m safe and I’m OK. (repeat three times)

Tapping through the points which are the Eyebrow, Outside of eye, Under the eye, Under the nose, Chin Point, Collar bone, Top of head, As you tap use phrases such as …

‘Every time I think about money, my nervous system is wired to react with _____________, and xxx

(fill in the blanks as to how you’re feeling)

‘No wonder I don’t want to focus on my finances!’

‘All of these awful feelings of ____________ and xxx…I am open to changing this’.

‘I am open to re-wiring my habitual thinking for my highest good! I am open to a whole new way of thinking and feeling about my money and wealth’

‘Because when I shift, EVERYTHING shifts!’

‘I’m excited to be beginning this new relationship with money’

‘I’m feeling safe, I’m feeling empowered’.

Let’s hope that 2018 can be a year where we can change our mindset, believe in ourselves and be healthy, happy and financially abundant – now there’s a cool resolution. You can check out Liz’s courses and workshops at:



This article has been adapted from an article for Health Triangle Magazine