Giving up alcohol for January, or are you already on your journey? Giving up alcohol no longer means restricting your drink intake to sparkling water or sugary, mass manufactured soft drinks.  Nunc brews adult soft drinks using only natural ingredients, no chemicals, extracts, or anything artificial. Their award winning drinks are tasty, refreshing and are great for your gut health too. Whether you’re determined to be more active, get healthy or you are participating in Dry January and beyond, I recommend you give Nunc a try.  

Nunc founders were dismayed at the lack of transparency in drinks – hidden ingredients, artificial flavours, colourings, extracts, chemicals – nothing natural. After months of searching, they discovered Jun-Kombucha (Kombucha but fermented with honey) and hundreds of litres of brews later, Nunc was born – a tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic drink that happens to be good for you. Nunc is Latin for “now” – the perfect accompaniment for those mindful moments.

Brewed using traditional methods, with adopted brewing techniques from winemaking and beer brewing which allow control over the alcohol levels and minimises the differences in taste between batches, though every batch is still unique (as you would expect from a handcrafted drink).

Jun Kombucha is often referred to as the “Champagne of Kombucha” due to its delicate taste, it’s fermented with raw honey, instead of cane sugar, which gives it a smoother, lighter flavour. It’s bee friendly, gluten free, low calorie and all natural! What’s on the can is in the can.

Made with the finest green teas and pure raw honey it’s undiluted and unpasteurised. 100% natural. No added sugars, chemicals, extracts and nothing artificial. The only sugars are from the honey which the SCOBYs (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) need to thrive. The raw honey used comes from their own bees in Buckinghamshire and from other beekeepers within 5 miles of their fermentery.

The Jun SCOBY feeds on the sugars in honey and thrives amongst the bacteria, the end result of fermenting Jun is a delicious and healthy drink that contains prebiotics, probiotics and amino acids, with a light and smooth taste without the vinegar bite common to Kombucha.

In 3 regular delicious flavours and one limited edition! Their drinks have won two Great Taste Awards!

Rose Blush



Fermented in small batches using the finest organic Darjeeling green tea, premium botanicals, and raw honey from rural Buckinghamshire. Rose Blush is handcrafted to be packed full of floral notes balanced with a delicate sweetness. The careful layering of botanicals creates complex flavours. It’s a journey before you even taste it: red berry, hibiscus and chamomile create a delicate and floral drink with a beautiful rose wine colour.



Juni-Purr is lovingly fermented in small batches using the finest Mao Feng green tea, premium botanicals and raw honey. Seven carefully selected botanicals compliment the green tea and honey for a taste of juniper and citrus from the kaffir lime leaves. Flavours of coriander seeds, cardamom pods, ginger and fennel seeds layer together to create a taste sensation. Tasmanian pepper berries give a hint of spice.


Hops Monster


Award winning Hops Monster is bursting with flavour and aroma, inspired by an American IPA, has been described as tasting more like a beer than non-alcoholic beers. Fermented in small batches using the finest organic Sencha green tea, premium botanicals, whole hop leaves, and raw honey. Hops Monster is a perfect substitute for beer, handcrafted to be crisp, clean, citrusy and immaculately balanced. Refreshing and hopped with three types of hops.


Mango Buzz


A taste of sunshine, Nunc’s very first limited-edition seasonal Jun-Kombucha is a zingy taste sensation that is packed full of goodness. Made by fermenting Sencha green tea with raw honey and then cold infusing with organic mango, ginger, organic turmeric and organic white peppercorns. All that goodness and flavour, and only 30 calories per can!


Chilli Cha Cha


Their latest flavour, Chilli Cha Cha, is delicious but it will surprise you. It’s a burst of tropical fruit followed by a warming sensation on the throat. Chilli Cha Cha is made by fermenting Sencha green tea and organic Darjeeling green tea with raw honey from Buckinghamshire, which is then cold infused with scotch bonnet chillies, organic mango, organic pineapple, organic turmeric, and ginger. All that goodness and flavour, and only 50 calories per can!