Whether we like it or not, we’re all exposed to EMF’s (electromagnetic field pollution), the invisible pollutant from our modern day technological world – from mobile phone masts, pylons, satellites, geopathic stress (Earth’s natural radiation), Wi-Fi (which is everywhere whether you have a router in your home or not) and modern convenient gadgets.

Whilst we may love the convenience of this modern technology there’s no denying that it can have an impact on our immune system.

It’s been labelled by some scientists as ‘the hidden sickness’ and is linked to everything from headaches, insomnia and fatigue, to depression and even cancer and it seems that some of us are more sensitive than others.

As EMF’s are on the increase daily, never before have we been exposed to such levels of pollution, but there is something we can do to protect ourselves, our families, animals and plants.

Bio Protective Systems is a UK based company which was set up in 2006 to distribute the Green 8 Bio Protection Products. The story began with a passion for Cancer prevention in Children and its founder Bindi, who is a mother, started to look at everything that taxes our Immune System after struggling with her own health issues. Along her journey, she learnt that the Immune System is the best protection against illness and her company mission is to help protect, as she states:

 ‘We cannot stop radiation, but we can help you to protect yourself and your personal environment’

The Green 8 Products and Green 8 Transformers take care of human lives, vegetation, planet and the biological system, which are being affected by the volumetric amount of EMR’s. All the Green 8 Bio Protection products create a protective sphere so they protect all living organisms within the surroundings.


The Green 8 Evolution phone shield can help phones emit cleaner, ‘more harmonic’ energy resulting in less ‘hot ear’, reduce stress and stress related sleep issues and phone-induced headaches.


The Transformer 28-4G is designed to neutralise and harmonise your living and working environment once it’s been aligned to the Magnetic North offering a protective zone of 66 metres radius around your home or office. It works by neutralising the pulsed EMF radiation plus geopathic stress and creates an ‘interference’ and additional positive energy sending positive frequencies opposite to the harmful radiation, which is then overlapped and so the ‘pathogenic’ frequency is eliminated. This can help reduce EMF-related headaches, fatigue, restlessness and promote increased energy levels and mental clarity.

Radius T22

Bio Protective Systems also sell the Wi-Fi transformer 22  to combat the unwelcome effects of Wi-Fi routers in the home and from neighbouring buildings too, you can place the Wi-Fi transformer 22 next to the Wi-Fi routers in your home or office. It covers an area of up to 20m and the recommendation is to use both transformers to achieve the ultimate radiation protection.


Win a Transformer 22-30 worth £125.00