I’m all about looking great and feeling great naturally and so does it matter how we look after our homes?

Yes, it’s important that we come home every day and feel ’at home’ in a place that is safe and welcoming and makes us feel good. There are many simple touches we can make so our spaces feel natural and are not hazardous to our health. The main one is how you clean and care for your home. While we can’t do much about dust and pollution we can make a difference by making healthier choices in what we use in our personal space.

Synthetic chemicals and pollutants are sadly everywhere, in our paint, in our furnishings, our carpets, walls, and in our cleaning products. Add to this the effects of ‘electro-pollution’ with all our electrical technology and it’s no wonder that we feel a low level fatigue and are easily prone to headaches.

I’ve written a whole chapter on ditching the chemicals and how to reduce toxic overload in your home in a great new book “The Cancer Revolution: The Future of Cancer Care”.

I was invited to contribute to this exciting project alongside its author Patricia Peat of Cancer Options consultancy, and 36 other expert contributors from a wide range of disciplines. It acts as a guide to integrating complementary and conventional medicine for the treatment and care of cancer patients and is packed with strategies to improve prospects and quality of life. Sensible, straightforward, with self-help strategies and a host of material available online, this book is a must-read for anyone affected by cancer – whether directly or indirectly.

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The book offers practical information on nutrition, lifestyle, conventional medicine and a range of cutting-edge treatments, as well as helpful guidance for navigating through cancer and beyond.


The Cancer Revolution is available from:

www.thecancerrevolution.co.uk, UK bookstores and Amazon.

Profits go to the integrative cancer care charity Yes To Life  – www.yestolife.org.uk

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