TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is highly nutritious and delicious and totally different to other virgin coconut oils:

It is cold pressed from selected fresh organic coconuts without any heat used during the production cycle, unlike other brands; it is very high in essential fatty acids such as Lauric Acid – the main component of breast milk. It’s Cholesterol and trans-fat free, and has superb heat resistance. It’s not just a cooking oil either, it is essential for sports nutrition and general wellbeing.


So as already mentioned you can use it for cooking but even more economical is to use their Organic Coconut Cooking Butters and they are a healthy alternatives to vegetable oils and virgin coconut oil. It’s great for those who prefer the coconut oil without coconut taste or flavour. these come in two varieties:

TIANA Organic Pure Coconut Butter for cooking

TIANA Organic Omega 3Coconut Butter for cooking

The benefits to these are:

  • Great heat resistance and is the ideal alternative to cooking oils, margarine and goose fat. Excellent for deep frying.
  • Cholesterol and trans-fat free which means it will not form trans-fats, even at high temperatures.
  • The omega 3 one is enriched with high Omega 3 organic hempseed oil 100 per-cent Vegetarian and vegan

Then for your toast they make TIANA Organic Exquisite Omega 3 Spreadable a perfect alternative to dairy butter as it is unsalted, deliciously creamy and is spreadable at room temperatures and of course dairy free. It is high in Omega 3, 6 & 9.

Next we have TIANA Fair Trade Organic Coconut Baking Flour

This is an effective alternative to wheat and grain flours for people who have gluten intolerances. 100 per-cent pure coconut (free from sulphates). It’s gluten free, fibre rich and low on carbohydrates but high in dietary fibre and is a good source of protein. Being very economical, the high fibre content will increase the yield of your baked foods by 50 per-cent dough weight.

Last but not least we have TIANA Premium Organic Crystallised Raw Coconut Nectar:

This unique guilt-free sugar replacement is fantastic because it contains important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, unlike other sweeteners – low Glycemic sweetener , GI of 35. It is suitable for people on restricted sugar diets and diabetics. The delicious, light golden colour is a result of the coconut blossom nectar not caramelising from heat, unlike coconut sugar. 100 per-cent raw and pure. Use in tea, coffee, sprinkled over porridge or for baking.


Be sure to visit their website at www.Tiana-coconut.com