My Verdict … “All roads lead to Weleda! I love this gorgeous new range from one of the great natural pioneers.”

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash:

This is the top selling baby product in the range along with nappy cream, and is a great multi-tasker. It’s a lovely body wash or hand wash for topping and tailing newborns, a squirt in the bath water is wonderfully fragrant yet still skin-friendly, and it can also be used as a baby shampoo. It’s free from SLS and SLES and all the usual suspects and is a lovely gentle product – also great skin prone to eczema and dermatitis

Calendula Cream Bath: 

It’s free from SLS and SLES and synthetic detergents that can dry skin, stripping it of moisture and its natural protection. It doesn’t bubble, but the lovely creamy fragrance makes up for this, and it leaves skin feeling silky soft and moisturised, so you can save on baby lotion.

Calendula Nappy Change Cream:

This is really the hero product from the range, the product that midwives are always recommending. It has just a slight, delicate fragrance, and is wonderfully effective and soothing and preventing nappy rash. It can also be used to soothe other minor rashes too.

Chamomilla Granules:

This homeopathic remedy is also part of the Weleda range for babies, although it doesn’t contain calendula. This natural medicine contains Chamomile, to soothe colicky pain and teething, and is also very useful to help settle fractious infants. It contains 100% natural ingredients and the base tablets are lactose-free. It’s a Platinum Award winner!

Calendula Baby Oil:

This baby oil is fragrance-free, and also free from mineral oils and synthetic ingredients or artificial additives of any kind. So that makes it ideal for baby massage, certified organic. Another great multi-tasker, it can be used for cleaning newborn skin, for moisturising and protecting dry skin, for baby massage, and also to put on a dry flaky scalp or treating cradle cap. Put a little oil onto the dry scalp and let it soak in well to soften the ‘cap’ which you can then gentle coax away, and comb the hair through. Then treat your baby’s scalp to a weekly head massage to prevent dryness. This one’s a Platinum Award winner!

Calendula Weather Protection Cream:

A fabulous product for autumn and winter, to protect against the elements – cold winds and wet weather, or just plain old pollution out and about in the streets. It has a gel-like consistency that sits very lightly on the skin, protecting without blocking the pores, and can double as a very effective lip balm to prevent cracking and dryness. Rather a lot! Mums also pinch this product to create a lovely dewy look – it’s a favourite with make-up artists.

Weleda Baby range is NATRUE-certified natural, free from mineral oils, synthetic ingredient or artificial additives of any kind, including parabens.

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