We are just launching the Janey Loves Platinum Awards for 2019 and thrilled that we have our cool celebs joining us again as judges, Zoe Ball, Glynis Barber, Jo Wood and Carrie Grant, but I thought I’d reach out and see if we can attract any interest from someone who is hugely influential in the vegan world, The Little London Vegan.  You don’t need me to tell you I’m sure how big veganism has become and it feels right to reflect that in the awards this year, so just like we have added a category for alcohol free drinks to celebrate the huge trend in that area, we will do the same with vegan products, not just food and drink though, we are hoping that with Clares help we can recognize the best in vegan skincare and other products that are ‘vegan friendly’

So welcome to our esteeemed panel of judges Clare Every


Here’s the official blurb…

Clare (also known as The Little London Vegan) is one of London’s biggest vegan Instagrammers. She makes it her mission to travel around the city tasting all of the plant-based options on offer and share her finds with her followers. Clare’s aim is to get more and more vegan options on the menus of London restaurants, to encourage chefs to get creative with vegan ingredients and to show people that vegan food can be both delicious and accessible. Clare is passionate about encouraging as many people as possible to reduce their meat, dairy and egg intakes for the sake of their health, for animals and for the environment.

Clare says “It’s simply brilliant to see amazing vegan and cruelty free skincare brands gaining recognition. I believe that they are the future!”

Check out Clare’s rocking instagram

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The Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2019 will open for entries in March, and of course we will be wanting your reader votes as always. we are currently considering sponsors.  email for more info janey@janeyleegrace.com