Many people can benefit from regular meditation to focus the mind and achieve mental clarity. Not everyone finds meditation easy or achievable, and many of us can struggle with the practice of ‘quieting’ the mind and letting thoughts flow in and out. The challenge to finding inner silence can often cause much restlessness!

If you find it hard to get a moment of quiet, find silent meditation challenging, have ever been told “you can’t sing”, or you find it hard to express yourself, then Sonic Meditation may be the way of finding release from the mental noise whilst also finding your voice.

Sonic meditation uses sound from your own voice, other voices, music or instruments to distract the brain, because you are focusing on doing one thing (the sounding) the rest of your brain has the opportunity to let go, and before you know it you are in that lovely peaceful meditative space. Sounding is not singing, there is no right or wrong note and no chants or language to remember.

 Sound Meditation

Sound is powerful and daily it effects your body as well as your mind and your emotional well-being, different sounds can stress us, or they can calm us –  sonic meditation can help you find the strength and healing needed for superior physical well-being.

The vibration of the meditative sound physically changes your cell-vibration to help let go of physical, mental & emotional stress, and helps you to remember how to breathe, and bring yourself back to the now.  

Judith Quinn is a vocal confidence specialist with a difference, combining her expertise and experience as a classically trained, professional, actress, qualified coach and work with sound energy vibration, she teaches Sonic meditation regularly in London.

Judith Quin Big Smile

Judith says:

I start sonic meditation with a few exercises to connect breath to body, and breath & body to voice. Then I gently guide the individual or group into making sound, often using specific tones to open each chakra or energy centre before we move into a chorus of ‘free sounding’; in which no one voice is heard alone as each voice helps create the group sound.

This frees your voice, inviting in positive energy from Source, creating a safe, sacred, space where you can escape ‘doing’ and let yourself just ‘be’.

When the sounding comes to a conclusion we then sit in silence, soaking in the residual energy created by the sound. It is much easier to be sitting in the silence once you have created it yourself. Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual.

You can sign-up to download a free sonic meditation on Judith’s website below, and see her list of regular Sonic Meditation classes in Blackheath, London.