Sober Curious? Ditched the booze a while ago? 

Do you now want to focus on health wellbeing and positivity?

Have you found yourself saying…”I will only have one drink”…but then you finish the bottle!

Maybe you’ve stopped drinking but are still feeling unhealthy, overweight or out of sorts….or you’ve woken up at 3am berating yourself for drinking too much?    

Join us!  

    The Opposite of Addiction is Connection

The Sober Club online community. is open for new members.  Most of you know that in Dec 2017 I ditched the booze, well I wanted to complete dry January but I didn’t ever look back.  Despite talking about holistic health on BBC Radio 2, writing five books including the number One Amazon bestseller ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and running, there was one missing piece of the ‘holistic health’ jigsaw for me and that was ditching the booze.

I now encourage people to ask themselves not “Am I drinking too much?” but rather “Would my life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol?” I take a very positive approach and want the focus to be on health and wellbeing, passion and purpose.

In The Sober Club you can connect with others and have open conversations without any judgement. You can learn therapeutic techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), get inspiration and support to make lifestyle changes and discover sober tools and tips.

Come along and learn how to set healthy boundaries around relationships and put yourself first….and much more!

90 day course

In The Sober Club you will get:

  • ‘Get the Buzz Without the Booze’ – 90 Day Online Course
  • Live monthly talks with me, and advice from leading health, wellbeing, and mindset experts.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community.
  • Mindset Buzz – Guided meditations, hypnosis audios and relaxation videos.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Buzz – Detox advice, recipes and exercises.

So many people find that once they have removed the Alcohol Obstacle they have a new perspective and want to increase their fitness, their mental wellbeing, set new goals and challenges. In the coming weeks we’ll bring you so many pieces of the Optimum health ‘jigsaw’. There is  be something for everyone whatever stage you are at. Its all about positivity and moving forward.

Join us in The Sober Club



BONUS:When you join The Sober Club you will get a free hypnosis download; Ailsa Frank’s De-Stress Your Life (worth £9.99) and an exclusive audio recording How I Stay Motivated by Janey Lee Grace

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