It’s a staggering 11 years since I wrote my first book ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and back then, my stance on eschewing artificial fragrance was seen as a little bonkers, now it seems that despite the growing perfumery industry, many people are opening their eyes to the problems with synthetic perfumes.

A new book ‘The Case Against Fragrance’ by Kate Grenville goes into far more detail than I ever could about the chemicals lurking in fragrance and their effects on us.

It’s in everything from hand washes, detergents, candles, laundry products, cosmetics, hair products et al and that’s before going anywhere near an actual bottle of perfume or air freshener. I said all those years ago, it’s not the one bottle of anything that is doing us the harm potentially, it’s the accumulative effect of the thousands of different synthetic chemicals that are all around us, we are literally swimming in a kind of toxic soup, so much so that it’s thought the average household could be more ‘polluted’ than a busy street corner.¬†

Of course, one might argue that individually each chemical must have been passed safe for use, but with hundreds of thousands of synthetic chemicals, no-one can do the equation of what happens when x is mixed with y and a large dose of c and left in sunlight…if you get my drift.

Kate had some allergic reactions and eventually tracked it down to a sensitivity to perfumes and this led to her extensive research into the problems with fragrance. Many of us don’t necessarily react badly, but that’s not to say it’s not affecting us on a low-level basis, it’s thought that over 70 per cent of people who have migraines are affected by fragrance, the chemicals can lead to respiratory problems, insomnia, irritability and skin rashes.

As this book says, we do have a choice; In my books I have long recommended ditching everything with artificial fragrance, see my recommendations for natural laundry and cleaning products, plant based skincare products and cosmetics, and for those times when you do want fragrance, opt for something totally natural and aromatherapy based, that instead of giving you headaches and allergic reactions will boost your wellbeing.

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Don’t forget it’s easy to go DIY too, in my other book ‘Look Great Naturally Without Ditching The Lipstick’ I have some great recipes for making your own aromatherapy ‘perfume’ and of course if you want to freshen the air, use a plant spray, half fill with filtered water, a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and a drop of vinegar or vodka works great (but maybe you’d rather drink the vodka!).

‘The Case Against Fragrance’ by Kate Grenville is published by Text publishing.

‘Look Great Naturally Without Ditching The Lipstick’ by Janey Lee Grace is published by Hay House.