Ever thought about the sustainability of your period products?  Most of are aware of the pads we can buy and want to switch to organic products, but how about period underwear?

I was so delighted to come across the LUX range, not least because they look great!

LUX period underwear is environmentally friendly. It is made from organic cotton. The whole product including the storage pouch and external packaging, as well as the product is fully biodegradable.   This is in stark contrast to most period underwear which are made from nylon (a direct by product of petroleum distillation) or tencel/lyocell which can involve logging of large swathes of resin tress such as birch, eucalyptus, which causes changes to the fauna, the soil PH and water quality.


LUX period underwear is made from silky smooth organic cotton and therefore  has no side effects for its users.  Organic cotton crops are grown free from pesticides. Combine this with the fact that every 3rd crop the soil is allowed to lie fallow (ie there are no crops grown) allows the soil to replenish itself and reduces the impact of cotton growing on the land. Our products are plastic free.


The founder of LUX is Preeti who read engineering in India before relocating to England to build a successful career in financial services and banking.  She completed a year long course on innovation at Stanford with a vision to becoming a social entrepreneur and crystallised that dream by creating LUXStore (luxstore.net ) They started with the ubiquitous period pad and then when she realised the lack of organic alternatives to support her postpartum experience she decided to create organic  underwear

I remember clearly just how awful the ‘hospital pads’ are after you have given birth, often made from plastic polymers, yet its important NOT to introduce synthetic intimates at that time.

Preeti decided to create organic products and created underwear suited to protect and care for women during their periods, post partum flow and even incontinence, all while they look good!

Lux are the proud creators of the organic period thong

Check out their products and watch this space for our competition to win some