Better Without is inspiring those who are sober-curious or not drinking at all.  

In the UK there are 8.6m people who are curious about changing their drinking habits, whether full-time or part-time. This consumer trend is driving-up the growth of the low and no alcohol industry. However, the visibility of choice available is low and has been holding people back from switching. 

Founded in 2020, Better Without was created to support the fast-growing community of people who are choosing to moderate their drinking or not drink at all. Founder Jonny had given up drinking for good, preferring the taste of great beer, wines and spirits without the loss of control and the hangover! With his experience of working within the hospitality and technology industry and his passion to help people discover no and low choices, the app was born! 


Mindfulness and wellness are a huge trend – taking care of our physical, mental and social well-being and becoming more aware of the choices we make that guide us to a healthier happier lifestyle. Better Without are creating a place to discover the great range of low or no alcohol beer, wines, and spirits! 

With the Better Without app, you can view and filter by drinks and drink styles (e.g., Wine, Beer, Spirits etc.)  




There are some great brands on board and the range is impressive with over 60 brands to date having their products listed.  

You can see visuals of all products available along with product information, dish pairing and ingredients. See the story about the producer along with available stockists. The app also shows community rating of products and promotions and product suggestions. 

Better Without is the perfect platform for brands to promote their products and their story, so as a consumer you can learn more about the product and each business can connect and learn from the community. 


The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.