Who would have thought I’d be asking such a question? well it’s been a period when I have had damp issues at home, a broken fridge, and a retired boiler (ouch that was expensive), it’s also been a year when the word ‘sanitizer’ has been on everyone’s lips (and hands) constantly. Interestingly there is a connection between sanitisation and how we care for our appliances and ventilation systems in the home, but the good news is that it doesn’t involve sticky chemical alcohol based liquids!

Here’s a guest post on UV Sanitizers from a US writer.

When you’re spending more time at home, you want an environment in which you can feel totally comfortable and at ease. Your home is your refuge from the outside world you can rest and recharge. Ridding your home of germs and potential irritants is essential to a clean home environment. Even when you don’t get to spend much time at home, it’s important to set aside some room in your schedule for basic cleaning tasks. Here are some tips on what you can do to create a clean and sanitary home environment without having to spend hours a day on cleaning chores.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC System

When most people think about keeping their homes clean, they focus primarily on clean surfaces. However, the air in your home is what takes up most of its interior. If your HVAC system isn’t regularly cleaned and maintained, most of the space inside of your home could be dirty. Without your being aware of it, the air circulating throughout your home could be full of dust, irritants, and allergens that cause you respiratory discomfort and also settle on surfaces. It’s essential that you arrange to have your air handler cleaned about once per year to eliminate  build-up on the evaporator coils.  Not cleaning a system as often as necessary could cause mould to form and spread throughout your home.  (Who knew!) It may also be necessary to clean out the vents that distribute air to each room. Furthermore, without preventative maintenance and cleaning, your system won’t perform as well and will likely waste energy.

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Sanitize Surfaces

In general, you should make it a point to clean frequently touched surfaces in your home fairly often. Don’t concentrate your efforts only on surfaces that appear visibly dirty.. UV sanitizers are an excellent way to tackle a large number of surfaces in relatively little time. You can get a handheld sanitizer that can easily disinfect areas that are a little harder to clean than flat surfaces such as handles. Using a special device is an economical and eco-friendly method of taking on cleaning that needs to be done frequently because it spares you from having to use an excessive amount of cleaning products or creating waste from paper towels and other disposable cleaning products.  These work great for cleaning phones too, and we know how mucky they get!

Give Your Fridge the Attention It Deserves

Many people tend to clean their refrigerators relatively infrequently. Thorough cleaning can be somewhat involved because it requires removing some or all of the contents. However, it’s important to bear in mind that anywhere that you keep food needs to be particularly clean. An uncleaned refrigerator can accumulate materials from spilled or spoiled food and even mould that could spread to the food you eat. Make an effort to clean your fridge on a regular basis with a nontoxic cleaning product.

Ultimately, keeping your home clean is an important part of making your surroundings conducive to relaxation. When your home is clean, you feel organized. Moreover, a clean home can make you feel healthier.

Back on the everyday cleaning and washing up by the way, ditch the antibacterials and use some natural products, don’t forget bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and a little white vinegar sorts out most areas!