On World Menopause Day, don’t forget alcohol and the menopause are not happy bedfellows! In Happy Healthy Sober there are several chapters on Perimenopause and Menopause with contributing experts, and in The Sober Club we have some exclusive sessions with experts.

And …perfect if you’re following on from Sober October – or if you have been Sober for ages…

We are in the midst of our Tapping into Freedom online group coaching programme, and in November we start our next live online group coaching programme. This is perfect if you want to up your mojo in your sober life, but don’t want 1-1 coaching at this point. (Tapping into Selfcare – stepping into your new sober identity, incorporating ‘anxiety free’ with EFT).
This is for you if you have ditched the booze, possibly months, or years sober, (or you are early days but sure about your decision), and want to focus on living your best life without the booze. We will learn some inspirational tools and practices to sustainably ‘self regulate’ and help you to source the best selfcare resources for you, and inspire you to explore your purpose and new sober identity. If you have stress and anxiety we will help you find tools to reduce that.
No previous experience of EFT (emotional freedom technique) is needed, and there will be lots of other modalities included too, so you will benefit even if you are already familiar with EFT. You will get 3 weeks of live calls with Q and A, a private WhatsApp group and access to me. In addition to the 3 live calls there are video resources explaining EFT and other techniques and some recorded meditations,  and yoga nidra relaxations. All sessions are recorded in case you are not able to make the live sessions. Spaces are limited.
Tapping into selfcare meme