Are you considering a career in health? A US writer has written this piece on careers in healthcare, a growing sector, here and in the states.

Top Healthcare Careers for Growth in the Next Decade

Between an aging population, a rise in chronic conditions, and increased awareness of healthcare disparities, the medical field is poised for dramatic growth. Whether you want to work in a medical office, hospital, or home setting, there are plenty of in-demand careers from which to choose. Learning about what is available can help you decide which direction is right for you.

Nurse Practitioner

Many Americans see nurse practitioners for their healthcare needs. They operate alongside and in coordination with doctors and nurses to provide comprehensive care. Just like a physician, an NP might focus on primary care or another specialty. The number of available NP roles is anticipated to grow rapidly over the next several years, making it a career with better than average growth potential.

Home Health Aide

There is a big push to keep aging seniors in their homes. To do that safely, many will need the assistance of caregivers for daily tasks. Home health aides provide simple medical care and assist with activities like bathing, grooming, and dressing. They may also help with household chores or offer medication reminders.

Medical Services Managers

If you want to be involved in medicine, but not work directly with patients, consider the many possibilities for medical service managers. They keep practices operating smoothly by staying up to date on the various finance, policy, and management issues in the healthcare industry. Job titles under this umbrella include practice administrator, clinic director, and office manager. Healthcare in 2021 and beyond will need qualified managers to fill these roles.

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Health Educator

Community health educators bring information to individuals who might not otherwise seek it out. They primarily target behaviors that can improve health on a community-wide scale. For example, you might find a health educator offering classes on diabetes and how proper nutrition and exercise can help control it without medication. This not only improves health outcomes, but it also empowers individuals to take charge of their own health, which is important for many people seeking health care careers.

Patient Advocate

Advocates provide essential services to patients by providing information and helping them navigate a complex healthcare system. Patients facing complex medical situations such as an organ transplant or cancer care are likely to benefit from this type of personalized service. They aren’t limited to working with individuals, however. Some healthcare advocates work to bring information to the broader community or raise awareness of issues that affect large groups of people. This can be especially helpful in marginalized populations without adequate access to reliable information or medical services. Learn more about how unequal access to healthcare is a pressing social justice issue.


If you are considering a public health job, epidemiology could be just the field to study. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this previously overlooked profession to the forefront. As an epidemiologist, you will gather and analyze vast amounts of data to find emerging patterns and predict outcomes based on various scenarios. They also work to avoid future outbreaks by modelling potential scenarios.

Healthcare workers will be in high demand over the next couple of decades. No matter where your interest lies, there will be ia career in the medical field that fits.

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