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True Organic of Sweden want to make natural skincare products that have as few ingredients as possible while still getting results. The natural ingredients work in synergy with each other and become even more effective. Love your skin, love our planet!

I love this small but beautifully formed range – With these funky high quality products, True Organic of Sweden are destined for huge success in the UK…

Janey-Loves-BadgeI’d like to introduce you to a great company True Organic of Sweden.  Founder Tina de Sousa had always recognised that the food we eat has a direct link to our health, and it was this that led her to take a degree in the Science of Natural Health and to management of a health store in Sweden.  With her passion for maximum health, Tina began to realise her mission to create top quality skincare products with the highest levels of organic ingredients. True Organic of Sweden was born, and Tina has created a small range of fablous products now gaining recognition in the UK Market place. It’s a competitive area as we all know, but you heard it here first – these products are absolute winners, and destined to take a stronghold with us Brits.

I love the “All you need is me” – a 100% natural and 95% organic intensive cream for extra ordinary care.  Ultra funky packaging and even the Tube is made of sustainable sugarcane!

All you need is me is a multi purpose product – It has been called a miracle cream great for scrapes and scratches, eczema, red baby bottoms and dry, chapped garden hands, perfect in the summer for mosquito bites, and Tina  tells me that poison ivy burns disappear in minutes!

There are only 6 ingredients, no water or any cheap fillers.

Also – check out the  Undercover Agent Deodorant

More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of aluminium and artificial fragrances, phlalates et al  in their deodorant and it can be really hard to find a natural deodorant that actually works.

Undercover agent is 99% natural,  (what is not natural is 1% baking soda).

What people don’t often realise is that it’s not actually sweat that smells, it’s when bacteria that forms gets a bit whiffy. Undercover agent contains citric acid ester which lowers skin PH value so odour forming bacteria cannot multiply rapidly.  Also, Potassium alum – a pure natural mineral salt, (other crystal deodorants mainly use cheaper synthetic mineral salt) which prevents the growth of odour causing bacteria.

The Sodium bicarbonate- baking soda, absorbs odours and Essential oils- calming, antiseptic & relaxing for stressful times.

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