If you’ve read my post about #gosoberforoctober you will know I am a fan of replacing the alcohol with some great ‘grown up’ drinks.  For when you want a decent drink at home, or particularly over the festive season when you may have a lot of socialising but you just don’t want to be drinking constantly and feel the effects of too much alcohol then you can have your beer and drive…check out the amazing range from Wise Bartender.

You can listen to my interview with Tom on UK health Radio here  https://bit.ly/2IRisHb

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Here’s what Tom the founder says on his website..

‘Tom and Wise Bartender ethos blends two of the most important things in life health and family. We are very much a family business with the initial idea of an alcohol free e-store was very much nurtured by my wife Bia and dad Kim (I’ll explain the names another time).


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I’m happy to say that I like a beer, yes an alcoholic beer! However there are times when I want the experience of a beer without the alcohol. You know the occasions, the night before you plan to go for an early morning run, ride, swim, your the designated driver or its a school night!  I want a convenient, easy, reliable way to purchase alcohol free drinks past the token couple in my local supermarket. Also I don’t want to have to buy a case of 12 or 24  without having tried the drink. So Wise Bartender is all about flexibility, all of our drinks are available as single bottles with no minimum order.

As well as selling online to you lovely people who have sought out an AF drink (I’m making AF a thing) I want to take these great guilt free tastes to the wider unaware public. So we have created our very own mobile pop up bar! Our plan is to have fun with this and take this to events and change a few myths…AF DOES TASTE GOOD!’  

Tom did his own AF drinks awards recently here’s the top picks and the winner was Silk Tree

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 Heres a great round-up of alcohol free drinks for Chistmas courtesy of Elle mag 

Get your discount of 5 % if you put ALCOHOLFREELIFE in as the discount code at checkout https://wisebartender.co.uk/

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