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My Verdict…Weleda is an all time favourite of mine – I am never without a tube of Skin Food. Great value, excellent quality. Wonderfully healing calendula baby products as well.

I’ve been a fan of Arnica for years and have been talking about it a lot recently as I was asked to be part of Homeopathy Awareness Week. I was body painted and my photo was taken after I had beautiful blue diamonds painted around my neck – they are raw materials apparently used in homeopathic remedies.   In my quotes for the press releases, I made it crystal (or diamond) clear that I am and have been forever a huge fan of Arnica.  A friend used it before and after a major operation and his surgeon was astonished at his recovery with minimal bruising.   I’ve recently discovered Weleda’s brilliant Arnica products.   Not surprisingly the natural healthcare experts at Weleda have learned a thing or two from alpine plants since the company was first founded in Switzerland in 1921. There’s not much Weleda doesn’t know about Arnica.

‘Arnica Montana’ is an alpine plant which is much valued and not least as a natural sports remedy. After a demanding session at the gym or gruelling fitness class, Weleda’s Arnica Massage Balm will soothe tired, aching muscles and ease minor sports injuries.  It’s an aromatic dark golden liquid containing therapeutic plant extracts and oils to comfort old aches and pains that flair up when put to the test.

weleda-arnica-massage-balmA traditional herbal remedy, it’s packed with effective active botanicals.  Over 150 active compounds have been found in Arnica alone. Traditionally used for rheumatic pain, muscular pain and stiffness, backache, fibrositis, bruising, cramp and sprains, this fine massage oil has remained Weleda’s all-time top selling medicine for the past nine decades.

It’s made with organic Arnica flowers that grow wild at high altitude in the Carpathian mountains in Romania where the strong light aids the constant formation of very prolific blooms. The Arnica is gathered sustainably by certified collection each June, in collaboration with the WWF and skilled ecologists to ensure careful harvest management.   Weleda takes this responsibility very seriously. No fertilisers are used, to protect the nutrient balance in the soil for the very best quality Arnica.

There’s also the new homeopathic Muscular Pain Relief Spray.

The new Arnica Massage Oil (£9.95 for 100ml) is a soothing and warming non-medicinal body oil to ease weary limbs after a tiring day – ideal for anyone who enjoys a regular sports massage.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, these Arnica products are all available from independent health stores and pharmacies or from the online store at www.weleda.co.uk