There is a new phenomenon in the well being zeitgeist and I’m loving it!

We’ve all heard of the Scandinavian trends of Hygge (which seems to involve lots of candles and cushions)

We’ve definitely all tried at some point (in my case failed miserably) to practice konMari, the art of keeping what you need, those items that spark joy, made famous by Marie Kondo, and another one I talk about regularly, which is, in truth more of an affliction than a suggestion is the Japanese art of Tzunduko, which is having way more books than you will read in your lifetime – guilty your honour!

But this new one – Niksen is a Dutch concept and it means doing nothing.

Literally nothing, not meditating, journalling, being ‘creative’, reading – nothing!

Its rare for us to feel ok about doing nothing, because its ingrained in us that we must by achieving something, putting effort it, being purposeful, but this turns that all on its head and suggests that we can set an intention to do nothing,

Its easy to see just how powerful it can be.  Releasing yourself from the constant treadmill, not even needing to ‘manage’ meditation, just allowing yourself to ‘noodle’, let thoughts wander, be in the moment, see what arises out of….nothing.  Perhaps in that stillness, you will get insights you may not have otherwise made space for.

Let us know how you get on, I will be honest, the first time I gave myself permission to practice Niksen, I managed about 3 minutes before I remembered an email I simply had to send, or some washing that needed to be put to spin….we are so conditioned to being busy and productive, its quite something to allow yourself to let go.

There is a lovely article on Happiful on Niksen here