Lovely to see fellow Radio 2 presenter Sara Cox waxing lyrical about organic food as ambassador of the Organic ‘Feed Your Happy’ campaign.

I’m thrilled to see that yet again sales of organic food are on the rise, despite it sometimes costing a bit more, there’s no doubt it rocks, and what was at one time seen as a lifestyle choice only for the affluent ‘yummy mummy’ is now seen as a way of taking action. Individually we can’t massively affect climate change, or the rise in diet related disease, or the decline in wildlife, but we can make buying choices that work with nature not against it, the ‘small change, big difference approach’.


So why is organic produce different? Well, it means that fewer or no pesticides are used (up to 300 pesticides can be used in conventional farming). No hydrogenated fats or controversial artificial food colours / preservatives are used, the produce is free range, and of course organic farms are better for wildlife, and organic farming systems rear their animals without routine use of antibiotics. It’s nutritionally different, oh and of course it tastes better!

It’s not enough to just to pick up some organic fruit and veg and an organic biodynamic bottle of wine, it’s also imperative to look at what you are putting on your skin and spraying around your environment. But that’s another blog post altogether, let’s cut to the quick, what do I love most about organic food?

Tomato Soup

You can’t get better than a simple salad or organic tomatoes, with olive oil and fresh basil! I also love making simple fresh raw tomato soup:

Fresh n Raw Tomato Soup

  • Blend organic tomatoes (preferably home-grown)
  • Add half an organic apple
  • A tablespoon of organic sundried tomatoes
  • A squirt of lemon
  • Add salt and pepper and fresh basil and serve with organic sourdough bread. It doesn’t get simpler!

For afters (well at any time of the day actually), who doesn’t love chocolate? Lots of studies have shown it’s good for us, it’s high in antioxidants and minerals and releases feel good endorphins, but don’t opt for your average confectionary, no way, always make your chocolate organic with high percentage cocoa.

I’m loving the amazing flavours from organic artisan brand Seed and Bean, (loving the Cornish Sea Salt and Lime).

It’s easy to make your own fabulous organic raw chocolate dessert:

Secretly Healthy Indulgent Choc Pot

  • Use Raw Organic Cacao Powder (I love the CHOCchick range)
  • Blend with half an organic avocado
  • Add raw organic coconut nectar to sweeten (Tiana Fair Trade Organics)
  • Add a squeeze of lemon juice, oh, and the teeniest bit of Himalayan salt 

Serve chilled in a glass ramekin with organic raspberries! yum!


Chocolate pudding

What’s your organic happy meal? Let me know on FB or Twitter #FeedYourHappy

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