TIANA Fair Trade Organic Coconut Products voted Best Food Range in the Health Food Business Awards 2010!


My Verdict…Tiana’s Passion for their superb Coconut range is infectious! I’m a coconut oil connoisseur, and Tiana’s coconut oil is sublime!

janey-lovesI’m sure you know that I am a huge fan of Coconut oil but it’s very important that you get the best.   TIANA is one of my all time fav products EVER.  The wonderfully knowledgeable Tanya who runs the company tells me that not all Virgin Coconut Oils are the same (coconut oil can be produced in different ways, by expeller, centrifuge method and even from coconut milk by fermentation and yet they are sold as virgin coconut oil!)   True Virgin coconut oil is that which is cold pressed from coconuts which were dried for up to 36 hours or cold pressed from fresh coconuts like TIANA which is 100% raw and suitable for raw diet.

TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut oil is cold pressed only from fresh, select, organic coconuts without any heat involved at any stage of production – that’s why TIANA has the highest nutritional values of any Virgin Coconut Oil available (57% Lauric Acid – which is of course the main component in breast milk).

As it is produced from fresh coconuts. It is absolutely delicious. TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not just cooking oil.  It is essential as part of a healthy balanced diet for everyone, unlike other virgin coconut oils which are sold as just cooking oils.  Indeed it’s a functional food, being an aid to weight loss and brilliant for athletes as it helps speed up metabolism and can help with joint function.
This is an organic and fair trade certified and premium quality multi functional product that can be used internally and externally for a great variety of purposes . I’m sure you’re aware that it’s my absolute top tip for anyone wanting a pure moisturiser and great as a hair conditioner.  I always suggest keeping one jar in your kitchen and one in the bathroom – and by the way TIANA also have their beauty sensations range which includes the gorgeous anti ageing moisturiser and one with Argan as a deep hair conditioner.

Vegan and Vegetarian / Multi Award winning, voted No.1 by consumers in various publications.

You can buy it in a variety of stores, Holland and Barrett and ask for it in your local health store and from www.tiana-coconut.com.