Husband and wife team Red and Kate Johnson desired alcohol-free alternatives to their favourite cocktails that were delicious, convenient and would be suitable for social occasions and drinking at home. They often mixed alcohol free cocktails for themselves and so decided to go one step further and develop a range of their favourites, and so Highball Cocktails was born with a collection of classics including Gin & Tonic, Pink Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Aperol Spritz and Ginger Dram. 

All made with natural ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners, vegan and with less than half the calories of a standard cocktail, they are also gluten free and expertly blended for an authentic cocktail flavour and experience. 

Highball Alcohol Free Cocktails are a healthy alternative to some of the world’s greatest cocktails. Using ingredients sourced from around the world with a focus on authenticity and flavour, they are hand-crafted in small batches in the UK. 


The classic Gin & Tonic in a Highball glass is a time-honored favourite. Notes of juniper with a unique blend of botanicals delivers thirst quenching freshness, with quinine bite and a citrus twist; positively alcohol free. 




Pink Gin & Tonic bursts with the fruity flavour of naturally blended raspberry and lavender complimenting the traditional juniper, with a delicious gentle sweetness of the perfect all year-round drink. 



The ‘Mojito’ uses Agave nectar for wonderful natural sweetness, combined with a delicious tangy citrus from the fresh lime, and a warm rum flavour for a long and sophisticated cocktail that’s alcohol free.



Hand-crafted ‘Cosmopolitan’ cocktail uses agave nectar to deliver the smooth, tart yet sweet Cosmo flavour, sophisticated and uplifting in equal measure. 


 Highball Spritz with Italian bitters and luscious orange delivers perfect bittersweetness of the original with sophistication and style. 




The Ginger Dram delivers all the zest and warmth of the original – ginger, spice and orange notes pairing perfectly with the sophisticated, rich flavour of good quality whisky without the alcohol.