Elixir Blend from Live Wheatgrass. Little frozen shots delivered to your door and just like their Wheatgrass, a mini goodness-bomb!

My Verdict… What a Hit! A Zing of goodness packed into one little punch!


These don’t just taste amazing, they have an Impressive ingredient list including Fresh Goji Berries, used as a nutritional powerhouse for thousands of years by Chinese healers.   Uniquely among fruits, Goji berries contain all essential amino acids, have the highest concentration of protein of any fruit.  More than twice as much vitamin C than lemons and more carotenoids than any other food.  And..even have 15 times the amount of Iron found in spinach.  It also contains Freshly juiced Pomegranate  – Red grapes and Raspberries (Great good sources of anti- oxidants), Macha Green Tea which has amazing benefits and Aloe Vera Juice – brilliant for a health boost.

Of a morning, I now have my regular Wheatgrass shot, followed by one of these, and I’m anybody’s!


My Top tip for a Zing hit at breakfast time.. www.livewheatgrass.com